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Operational Works

After receiving a development approval for a Material Change of Use or Reconfiguring a Lot, an Operational Works application may be required. This application is for work relating to the development such as excavating and filling, clearing vegetation, infrastructure work, landscaping and driveway crossovers. This stage also includes information on standard specifications, SEQ Design and Construction Code and stormwater quality and vegetation clearing.

Operational works

An operational works development application is required for:

  • Excavating or filling of land (i.e. earthworks including change of ground level for retaining walls, construction of a dam)
  • Civil works for new subdivisions (i.e. connection to Council and external infrastructure) and other works associated with a material change of use of premises or reconfiguring a lot
  • Placing an advertising device on premises
  • Undertaking road works on Council roads
  • Clearing vegetation in accordance with state legislation
  • Landscaping works

For further information, refer to the following fact sheets:

Do I need an approval?

Depending on the zone of the property and the type of operational work proposed, the proposal may either be accepted development, code assessable or impact assessable, the latter two requiring an application to be lodged with Council for assessment.

Please see:

RiskSmart Operational Works

RiskSmart Operational Works is an initiative designed to make the processing of simple, low-risk operational works applications more efficient, using accredited engineering consultants.

Forms for Operational Works

Refer to the forms below for further information regarding the Operational Works process:

Standard drawings and specifications

View all standard specifications contained within the Logan Planning Scheme.

SEQ design and construction code

Stormwater quality and vegetation clearing

For further information please see Stormwater Quality and Vegetation Protection.  The Vegetation Management Fact Sheet (PDF 250 KB) also provides helpful information about vegetation clearing.

Landscape assessment

For further information about landscape operational works and compliance assessment please refer to Landscape Assessment.