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Landscape Assessment

Forms required for a landscape operational works application or landscape compliance assessment (only for applications under the Sustainable Planning Act) are listed below.

Landscape compliance assessment

Council will no longer be undertaking Landscaping Compliance Assessment. For historical applications which require compliance assessment a Landscape Acknowledgement application will need to be lodged. There is no fee for this application.

Upon completion of the works, certification can be provided that the works have been completed in accordance with the submitted plans and parent approval conditions or alternatively an inspection can be undertaken by Council Officers for a fee.

Landscape operational works

    Council will no longer be accepting standalone Landscape Operational Works applications. Landscaping plans can be lodged with a current Operational Works application with no additional fee. Where the Operational Works application has already been approved, a minor change can be undertaken to include the landscaping plans at a reduced fee.

  • DA Form 1
  • Change Application Form
  • Please note that assessment of your application cannot begin until full payment has been received by Council. If you have any further enquires please contact the Development Assessment branch on 07 3412 5269.