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Fees, Charges & Payments

Fees for planning and development services in Logan vary depending on the type and scale of development, category of assessment, and other factors.

How much will it cost?

Some services have a flat fee, and some fees are variable depending on the type and scale of development (e.g. factors such as whether the development is code or impact assessable, number of units, area, value of works, etc.).

To determine applicable fees and charges please:

  • Use the Development Fees Estimate function in the Logan PD Hub; or
  • Refer to the document below (click on Development Assessment in the Table of Contents). This schedule lists all applicable fees and charges and indicates whether or not GST applies (in most cases, it does not). It also includes explanatory notes pertaining to scenarios such as combined applications, variation approvals, resubmission of lapsed applications, RiskSmart, refunds, discounts etc.

The Logan PD Hub includes functions to provide an estimate of costs for the following:

  • Vegetation clearing (see Environmental Offset Estimate tool)
  • Infrastructure Charges (see Infrastructure Charges Estimate tool).

How to pay

Payment can be made via any of the following methods:

  • Online using a credit card - please visit Council's Online Services and Payments (Pay it ), select Development Applications and use the reference number in the Paying Online section at the bottom of your Notice of Account.
  • Via BPAY using a savings or cheque account - please call or visit the website of your participating financial institution and use the biller code and reference number in the BPAY box at the bottom of your Notice of Account.  Please note the limit for BPAY is $500,000.  Multiple payments can be made if required.
  • In person or by phone (please see Contact Us for phone numbers, office locations and opening hours).
  • Via cheque or money order made out to Logan City Council.
  • Via direct deposit (for large business customers (i.e. multiple transactions, not one-off)) - to arrange this please email

Some options above require reference numbers from a Notice of Account, which can be issued when a development application is lodged (if payment is not made by other means, e.g. credit card).

When to pay

Fees for planning and development services are generally payable when an application or request is lodged, noting that there may be multiple stages in the development process and different fees are applicable at each stage.

Infrastructure charges are generally payable:

  • For Reconfiguring a Lot - when the Subdivision Plan is presented to Council (when work is complete); or
  • For a Material Change of Use - prior to obtaining any building works approval (before the work can commence).

The exact timing of infrastructure charges for a particular development will be specified in the Infrastructure Charges Notice (ICN), which Council will issue to the applicant as part of the development approval package.

Infrastructure charges

To obtain an estimate of applicable infrastructure charges for a proposed development, please use the Infrastructure Charges Estimate function in the Logan PD Hub.

Logan City Council levies infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process, when a development generates additional demand on trunk infrastructure networks.  Charges collected or assets constructed contribute to the provision of essential trunk infrastructure to service new development. Trunk infrastructure is significant infrastructure that supports large areas or catchments, such as major water supply pipes for an entire neighbourhood, and is classified into six networks:

  • Water supply
  • Sewerage
  • Transport
  • Parks
  • Stormwater
  • Land for community facilities

Infrastructure charges for development generally apply to:

  • Most Material Change of Use (MCU) applications, including dual occupancy but except secondary dwelling or auxiliary unit and home based business;
  • Subdividing (reconfiguring a lot, except for boundary realignments and amalgamation);
  • Accepted development (subject to requirements) where a Material Change of Use application is not required but the use of the land is intensifying (e.g. a warehouse building).

Infrastructure charges do not apply to accepted development (not subject to requirements) (i.e. what was previously exempt development under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009).

For more information refer to Infrastructure Planning and Charges.

For further information or to obtain confirmation of applicable fees please:

  • contact a planner or
  • email, ensuring the email specifies what information is required, your contact details and information about the proposed development (site address, type of development/use and any other relevant details).