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OneStopShop Planning

The OneStopShop service is provided for major development proposals. The OneStopShop process focuses on the resolution of key issues through a pre-application stage with effective project management and a structured framework, which commits to timeframes and negotiations. The OneStopShop Charter (PDF 756 KB) sets out the standards of service you can expect from the OneStopShop service.

Development that will be considered for declaration under the OneStopShop service must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Subdivision of land or residential communities that includes more than or equal to 300 lots and/or dwellings;
  • Non-residential or mixed use development with more than or equal to 10,000m² of floor space;
  • Development that can demonstrate an employment generation of more than or equal to 100 people (excludes reconfiguring a lot applications);
  • Development that can demonstrate a capital investment value of more than or equal to $30 million dollars (excludes residential development and land cost).

Refer to the OneStopShop Process Flowchart (PDF 834 KB) for information regarding the application process.

To apply for declaration of a major development proposal through the OneStopShop service, complete the OneStopShop Major Project Declaration Form (PDF 656 KB).

For more information on the Development Assessment Branch OneStopShop service, refer to the OneStopShop Fact Sheet (PDF 607 KB) or email

Major Projects

If a proposal is not declared as a OneStopShop application, significant development can still be declared a Major Project.  This will be considered based on the criteria of eligibility for the OneStopShop Service.  Other triggers for Major Project services include strategically significant development facilitated within Logan's city centres and/or as part of economic development initiatives.

Major Projects offers a streamlined process approach for development applications and a single point of contact to coordinate Council's services.

To determine if your proposal can qualify as a Major Project, or discuss your project with one of the team representatives, email or contact a planner.