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RiskSmart Operational Works

RiskSmart – Operational works allows us to quickly assess and decide on simple, low-risk operational works applications (usually within five business days).

RiskSmart applications must be prepared by one of our accredited RiskSmart consultants and are eligible for a discount on our application fees.

RiskSmart - Operational Works eligibility and checksheet

To find out if operational works are eligible for RiskSmart, please refer to the RiskSmart Operational Works Application Submission Checksheet (PDF 916 KB).  The checksheet outlines eligibility criteria for assessable roadworks, drainage, water supply, sewerage, stormwater treatment and earthworks.

Lodging a RiskSmart - Operational Works application

RiskSmart – Operational works applications must follow a pre-lodgement process to make sure we receive a properly made application for a speedy assessment.

  • Lodge the RiskSmart – Operational Works pre-application online with all documentation attached (see below). There is no payment at this stage.
  • We check the documentation and work with you to make sure everything is lodgement-ready. When the application is lodgement-ready, we will send you an invitation to lodge. This will include a notice of account and edited conditions.
  • You can pay the fees (using the payment options on the notice of account) and lodge the completed application for RiskSmart – Operational Works assessment by email to

With the RiskSmart ­– Operational Works pre-application you need to submit:

You can lodge a RiskSmart pre-application online (you will need to be a registered user – please see Registered user).

You can access previously lodged applications and/or upload more information if we ask for it – please use My applications.

Accredited RiskSmart - Operational Works consultants

For a list of consultants accredited to prepare and lodge RiskSmart – Operational works applications, please download Register of RiskSmart and ExpressSeal Consultants in PDF or excel. To become an accredited consultant for operational works, please refer to the RiskSmart - Operational Works Accreditation Model and Application Kit (PDF 1715 KB).

Contact us

For more information about RiskSmart – Operational works, please download Operational Works RiskSmart Lodgement Guide (PDF 777 KB) or contact Logan City Council:

Phone: 07 3412 5269