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RiskSmart Planning

RiskSmart is a quick and easy way to get development applications approved by Logan City Council, by enabling the assessment of simple, low-risk applications to be carried out by accredited RiskSmart consultants. RiskSmart applications are eligible for a discount on Council's application fees.

The accredited consultant assesses the application against the Logan Planning Scheme and RiskSmart criteria and prepares the approval paperwork and supporting documentation for Council. This documentation is then reviewed by Council Officers and the decision notice is issued by Council as the Assessment Manager (usually within 5 business days).

How does RiskSmart work?

If a code assessable development complies with all of the acceptable outcomes and meets the specified RiskSmart criteria, it will automatically be eligible for the RiskSmart process.

If the proposal does not comply with an acceptable outcome, the proposal must be assessed against the performance outcome. Prior to lodging the development application, an accredited RiskSmart consultant may seek Council advice on compliance with the performance outcome.

If a proposal does not comply with the specified RiskSmart criteria contained within the relevant check sheet, it is not eligible for RiskSmart.

RiskSmart eligibility and checksheets

Under the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, all code assessable Material Change of Use and Reconfiguring a Lot applications are eligible for RiskSmart.

The RiskSmart Checksheets below must be used in order to determine if a particular use meets the specified RiskSmart criteria:

Lodging a RiskSmart Planning application

RiskSmart applications include a pre-lodgement process to ensure a properly made application is received for a speedy assessment:

  1. The application is lodged as a "DA RiskSmart Pre-application" via the online service below, with all of the documentation attached, noting that no payment is made at this stage.
  2. Council officers check the documentation and work with you to ensure everything is lodgement-ready, at which point an Invitation to Lodge will be issued to you, including a Notice of Account (for payment) and edited conditions.
  3. You pay the fees (according to the instructions on the Notice of Account) and lodge the completed application via email (to, cc for RiskSmart assessment.

To lodge a RiskSmart pre-application online, please use Council's online lodgement service via the button below, noting that you need to be a registered user, and you will be prompted to sign in prior to lodging your application.

Lodge online

To lodge a RiskSmart - Planning application, the following needs to be submitted with the application:

To access previously lodged applications and/or upload additional content please use the link below; you will be prompted to sign in.

My applications

Accredited RiskSmart consultants

The following consultants are accredited to undertake RiskSmart - Planning applications:

Company Contact/Email Phone
AAD Design Pty Ltd Murray Bell 07 3368 2211
ABS Town Planning Pty Ltd Anthony Bere-Streeter 0432 765 450
Adams and Sparkes Cameron Adams 0412 700 062
Allan Van Planning Pty Ltd

Allan Van

Daniel Ebert

0418 312 724

0434 812 386

ASI Planning Craig Christie 0422 239 332
Bennett & Bennett

Linda Tait

Nicholas Glenn

07 3839 7200

07 5574 0733

BPlanned & Surveyed Pty Ltd Brodie Fowler

1300 275 266

0421 198 239

Buckley Vann

Josh Walker

Peter Priddle

07 3852 1822
Cadway Projects Michael McCrystal 07 3257 2755

Scott Clarke

Andrew Gorring

Kassim Mohomed

07 5630 3900
City Plan Planning Phill Whyte 0490 827 033
Civil Perspective Pty Ltd Alison Crittenden 07 3880 1834
Clegg Town Planning Graham Clegg 07 3878 1371
Consult Planning Pty Ltd Aaron Sweet 1300 017 540
Cootes Burchill Engineering Pty Ltd

Shane Murrihy

Nathan McDonald

Tony Parker

0402 482 955
Cornerstone Building Certification Chris Easton 0478 296 194
Devalign Shane Murrihy 0402 482 955
DTS Group

Toby Heap

Janesh Gunaratne

07 3118 0600
Enhance Urban Planning

Brendon Walkinshaw

07 5592 4663
Facet Urban Planning Kate Rylands 0413 975 844
FindaSite Town Planners Christoper Waning 0433 145 514
Fluid Building Approvals Lillian Sheppard 1300 358 432
Gassman Development Perspectives

Gary Savins

Fraser Gassman

07 3807 3333
Gateway Survey and Planning

Greg Hoonhout

07 3893 0557
Grummitt Planning

Noel Grummitt

Julie Cary

07 5564 0484
Hickey Oatley Planning and Development Mia Hickey 0401 349 601
Hillocc Pty Ltd Dana Peak 07 3394 4632
HPC Urban & Planning Pty Ltd Ernest Harvey 07 3217 5800
I3 Consulting Pty Ltd Richard Jenkins 07 3870 8888
IB Town Planning Matt Whalan 07 3480 5066
icubed consulting Elizabeth Cruice 07 3870 8888
iPlan Town Planning

Ben Battist

Bernadette Prause

07 3892 1431
Isaac Consulting James Isaac 0410 243 877
Jensen Bowers Group Consultants Gemma Greenhalgh 07 3319 4904
JFP Urban Consultants Pty Ltd Shane Talty 07 3012 0100
John Gaskell Planning Consultants

Joanna Blyth

John Gaskell

Jen Wheeler

0410 084 752

07 3392 1911

Ken Ryan & Associates

Ken Ryan

07 3876 0533
Landpartners Ltd

Vass Stammes

Shane Smith

07 3842 1000
Lee Development Planning Jonathan Lee 0408 881 579
LM Planning Solutions Pty Ltd Lisa McKay 0425 813 278
Norris Clarke & O'Brien

Rebakah Foster

07 3012 0000
Palm Lake Suzanne Jensen 07 5552 1314
PC Urban & Regional Planning Pty Ltd Phillip Cristaldi 0402 208 759
PI Home Pty Ltd

Peter Catchlove

Ben Cowen

07 3668 0766
place design group

Catherine Andrews

Nick Holt

3852 3922
Plan A Group Pty Ltd Adam Nagel 07 3846 0807
Planning Initiatives

Peter Catchlove

Ben Cowen

Peter Catchlove

Mark Tocchini

07 3668 0766
Planning Insights Pty Ltd

Matthew Taylor

John Simmons

0439 794 636
Precinct Urban Planning Scott Clarke 07 3810 8337
Professional Certification Group James Dunstan 0427 178 738
Project Urban Pty Ltd Amanda Madden 07 3257 4371
Reel Planning Pty Ltd

Greg Ovenden

07 3217 5771
RPS Group

Simon Pollock

Ian Langford

Eleisha Burton

07 3124 9348

07 5553 6900

07 5553 6936

Saunders Havill Group

Eddie Venturini

Nick Christofis

Laura Messina

Nikki Christmas

1300 123 SGH
Somerville Consultants

Tom Sandmann

Erin Brooks

07 3423 2066
Statewide Group Survey Pty Ltd

Walter Ninnes

Anthony Mougan

1300 362 094
Steffan Town Planning Alexander Steffan 07 3317 0042
Tactica Planning and Development Tim Clairfayt 07 5522 5063
The Planning Place Ian Adams 07 3257 7833
Town Planning Alliance

Vu Nguyen

07 3361 9999
Urban Planning Services Pty Ltd

Michael Falk

Phillip Whyte

07 5570 4994
Urban Planning Queensland Jessica Reynolds 0410 175 887
Urban Strategies Pty Ltd Tricia Davidson 07 3360 4200
Urbicus Urban Planning Jake Burrowes 0403 562 654

Martin Garred

Dean Jones

07 5600 4902
Veris Andrew Carstairs 0413 610 605
Vitality Town Planning Mark Connellan 0401 563 307
Zone Planning Group Steve Morton 07 5562 2303
Wolter Consulting Group

Andrew Crawford

Mitchell Hendricks

07 3666 5002

Becoming an accredited RiskSmart consultant

In order to become an accredited RiskSmart consultant with Council, the consultant and consultancy making the application must demonstrate their competency. This is done by providing to Council previous examples of their work undertaken within Logan City Council.

Council will then review the application and chose to accredit (or deny) the Consultant and Consultancy. In particular, the individual and the firm are accredited under the one agreement and the moment the individual leaves that firm the accreditation becomes null and void.

There are five development types that an accredited RiskSmart consultant may be accredited for:

  • Residential - House
  • Residential - Other (includes mixed use developments incorporating residential component)
  • Industry
  • Reconfiguring a lot (within any zone)
  • Commercial/retail/other (also includes mixed use developments incorporating residential component and other uses not listed here)

If successful, the Consultant and Company must sign the RiskSmart Planning Accreditation Agreement (PDF 1866 KB).

Contact us

For more information, please refer to the RiskSmart Planning Fact Sheet (PDF 47 KB) or contact Logan City Council:

Phone: 07 3412 5269