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Dual Occupancy

A Dual Occupancy is a premises containing two dwellings (whether or not attached) on one lot, for separate households, e.g. a duplex. Learn more about these types of projects below.

Dual Occupancy dwellings may have different owners (i.e. be separately titled). A Dual Occupancy is not a Multiple Dwelling (i.e. more than 2, like a set of units). For more information refer to the Domestic Housing Fact Sheet (PDF 1281 KB) or Auxiliary Units - Notice of Proposed Changes to Council Policy (PDF 99 KB).

Dual Occupancy developments may be:

  • Accepted development - no permit required, in the appropriate zone and complies with density requirements and acceptable outcomes of the applicable codes of the Logan Planning Scheme; or
  • Code assessable - a development application (Material Change of Use) will need to be submitted to Council; or
  • Impact assessable - as per code assessable, but also requiring a public notification stage.

Development in Logan provides more information about determining the category of development and assessment (accepted development, code assessable or impact assessable) for a proposed Dual Occupancy development, and if applicable the required application forms and fees.

Alternatively Dwelling House provides information about:

  • Secondary dwellings and auxiliary units
  • Carports/sheds
  • Advertising devices
  • Home-based business
  • Buying a property
  • Subdividing or otherwise reconfiguring lots
  • Driveway crossover
  • Plumbing services
  • Building certification