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Forms & Fact Sheets

The following sections contain documents to assist with the use of Council's planning and development services, including plumbing and drainage and streamlined services such as RiskSmart and OneStopShop. The information in each section is organised alphabetically to make it easier to find. For assistance please contact a planner.


Planning and Development - Form linkFurther information
Bonding Application Form (PDF 321 KB)See Operational Works (Bonding)
Change Application FormSee Development Applications (Changing a Development Approval)
Credit Card Payment Form (PDF 582 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Lodging applications, notifications & certificates)
DA Forms (for Planning Act 2016, replaces IDAS forms)See Development Applications
Dwelling House and Dual Occupancy (Auxilliary Unit) Assessment Checksheet (PDF 902 KB)See Development Applications or Dwelling House
ExpressSeal Plan Sealing Request Form (PDF 1453 KB)See ExpressSealPlan Sealing
Extension Application FormSee Pre-Lodgement Advice (Generally in accordance applications) or Development Applications (Extending a development approval)
Formal Plan Sealing Request Form (PDF 101 KB)See Plan Sealing (Plan sealing applications)
Neighbours Comments Form (PDF 55 KB)See Development Applications
OneStopShop Declaration Form (PDF 656 KB)See OneStopShop Planning
Op Works - Application for Metered Standpipe for Supply of Water from Hydrants See Operational Works
Op Works - Road Excavation Works Application Form (PDF 58 KB)See Operational Works
Preliminary Plan Sealing Request Form (PDF 143 KB)See Plan Sealing (Plan sealing applications)
Pre-Lodgement Meeting Request Form (PDF 865 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice
Property Information/Search - Residential (PS1) (PDF 102 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice (Overlay advice certificate)
Property Information/Search - Non-Residential (PS2) (PDF 173 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice (Overlay advice certificate)
Re-endorsement of Survey Plan Request Form (PDF 282 KB)See Plan Sealing (plan Sealing applications)
Request for Copies of Planning Scheme (PDF 370 KB)Please Contact a Planner
Request for Electrical Endorsement (PDF 57 KB)See Operational Works
Request for Execution of Legal Documentation Form (PDF 202 KB)See Plan Sealing (Council easements and other legal documentation)
Request for Generally in Accordance (PDF 188 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice (Generally in accordance applications)
Request for Letter of Advice (PDF 138 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice (Letters of advice)
Request for Preparation of Legal Documentation (PDF 358 KB)See Plan Sealing (Council easements and other legal documentation)
Request to apply a Superseded Planning Scheme (PDF 82 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice (Superseded planning scheme requests)
Request to Change Compliance Certificate (PDF 103 KB)See Development Applications (Compliance assessment)
RiskSmart Checksheet (PDF 1502 KB)See RiskSmart Planning
RiskSmart Operational Works Applications Checksheet (PDF 819 KB)See RiskSmart Operational Works
Street Naming Form (PDF 58 KB)See Operational Works (Street naming)
Supplementary Information Sheet for Landscape Operational Works and Compliance Assessment (PDF 200 KB)See Landscape Assessment
Plumbing and Drainage - Form linkFurther information
Application for Decommissioning of Backflow Prevention Device Form (PDF 97 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Decommissioning of a backflow prevention device)
Application for Decommission of HSTP Polishing Unit Form (PDF 68 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Decommissioning of a household sewerage treatment plant (HSTP) polishing unit)
Compliance Assessment Application for Plumbing, Drainage and On-Site Sewerage Work FormSee Plumbing & Drainage (Domestic applications, Installation of an on-site sewerage facility, Installation of a backflow prevention device, Commercial applications, On-site sewerage facilities)
Credit Card Payment Form (PDF 582 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Lodging applications, notifications & certificates)
Finalisation of Building and Plumbing Approvals Form (PDF 124 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Domestic applications)
Notification of Responsible Person FormSee Plumbing & Drainage (Notification of responsible person)
Onsite Sewerage Facility: Installation and Commissioning Certificate Form (PDF 91 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Installation of an on-site sewerage facility)

Fact sheets

Fact sheet linkFurther information
Accessible and Inclusive Design (PDF 33 KB) 
ADAC for As Constructed Movement Infrastructure Asset Handover (PDF 157 KB)See Operational Works
ADAC for As Constructed Water and Sewer Handover (PDF 128 KB)See Operational Works
Airbnb Accommodation (PDF 1407 KB) 
Amending the Planning Scheme (PDF 29 KB)See Planning Scheme Amendments & TLPI (Amendment process)
Auxiliary Units - Notice of proposed changes to Council policy (PDF 100 KB)See Dual Occupancy, Planning Scheme Amendments or Infrastructure Planning & Charges (Fact Sheets)
Bonding (PDF 37 KB)See Operational Works (Bonding)
Building Fact SheetsSee Building Fact Sheets
Centre to Centre Change of Use (PDF 37 KB)See Development Applications
Dams (construction, excavation) (PDF 35 KB)See Operational Works
Development Application Submissions (PDF 182 KB)See Development Applications or Levels of Assessment
Domestic Housing (PDF 2528 KB)See Development Applications, Dwelling House or Dual Occupancy
Domestic Outbuildings (PDF 40 KB)See Dwelling House (Carport/Shed)
Drainage Plans Online (PDF 81 KB)See Plumbing and Drainage
Environmental Offsets (PDF 35 KB)See Development Applications or Vegetation Protection
Home Based Business (PDF 42 KB)See Development Applications or Dwelling House
Industry (PDF 53 KB)See Development Applications
Lodgement and Properly Made Applications (PDF 42 KB) (planning and development)See Development Applications or Application Lodgement
Lodgement and Properly Made Form 1 Applications (PDF 235 KB) (plumbing and drainage, on-site sewerage work)See Plumbing & Drainage
Logan PD Hub (including Interactive Mapping) - User Guide (PDF 2778 KB)See Logan PD Hub
Multiple Dwelling (PDF 41 KB)See Development Applications
OneStopShop (PDF 607 KB)See OneStopShop Planning
Operational Works (PDF 43 KB)See Operational Works
Pre-Lodgement Meetings (PDF 312 KB)See Pre-Lodgement Advice
Reconfiguring a Lot (PDF 63 KB)See Development Applications or Buying or Subdividing
RiskSmart Operational Works (PDF 874 KB)See RiskSmart Operational Works
Street Naming (PDF 31 KB)See Operational Works (Street naming)
Superseded Planning SchemesSee Pre-Lodgement Advice (Superseded planning scheme requests)
Temporary Use (PDF 47 KB)See Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (Section 1.7 Local government administrative matters)
Vegetation Management (PDF 250 KB)See Vegetation Protection or Operational Works
What is Infrastructure Charging (PDF 282 KB)See Infrastructure Planning & Charges, Development Applications or Fees, Charges & Payments
Zone Descriptions (PDF 64 KB)See Planning & Development Online (Property enquiries)

Kits, checklists and samples

Kits/Checklist linkFurther information
As-Constructed Submission Checklist (PDF 700 KB)See Operational Works (As-constructed drawings)
ExpressSeal Plan Sealing Accreditation Kit (PDF 1885 KB)See ExpressSeal Plan Sealing
Plumbing & Drainage - Domestic Application Checklist (PDF 63 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (and section for on-site sewerage facilities)
Plumbing & Drainage - Commercial Application Checklist (PDF 62 KB)See Plumbing & Drainage (Commercial applications)
Pre-Start Meeting Kit (PDF 476 KB)See Operational Works (Pre-start meeting)
RiskSmart Planning Accreditation Model & Application Kit (PDF 1866 KB)See RiskSmart Planning
RiskSmart Operational Works Accreditation Model & Application Kit (PDF 1715 KB)See RiskSmart Operational Works
SEQ Standard Drawings (LCC) (PDF 11865 KB)See Operational Works
Standard Development Approval Conditions (PDF 914 KB)See Development Applications (Standard conditions)
Standard Drawings Logan Planning Scheme 2015 version 2.0 See Operational Works
Subdivision project cost estimator (downloadable spreadsheet with formulae, Microsoft Excel format)See Buying or Subdividing
Superseded Beaudesert Planning Scheme 2007 Standard Roadworks Drawings (PDF 2138 KB)See Operational Works
Superseded Beaudesert Planning Scheme 2007 Standard Stormwater Drawings (PDF 1845 KB)See Operational Works
Superseded Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003 Standard Roadworks Drawings (PDF 2780 KB)See Operational Works
Superseded Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003 Standard Stormwater and Fencing Drawings (PDF 2316 KB)See Operational Works
Superseded Logan Planning Scheme 2006 Standard Drawings (PDF 6967 KB)See Operational Works