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Planning Scheme Amendments & TLPI

The Logan Planning Scheme is an important policy instrument which guides growth, land use and development in the City of Logan. Logan City Council is committed to ensuring the scheme remains consistent and relevant in response to feedback, changing community needs, legislation and other factors. This will be achieved through an ongoing program of amendments, where improvement opportunities for the scheme are registered and periodically reviewed to determine an appropriate response.

Providing feedback

Please use our online form to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement about the Logan Planning Scheme at any time.

Once a year (February), Council evaluates all feedback and opportunities for improvement to the planning scheme and determines the number and nature of amendments that will proceed. Once this process is complete, you will receive a response to your feedback advising whether it is being progressed in a future scheme amendment or not.

If a suggestion is carried forward into a proposed amendment, please note that the amendment process involves research, consultation and review across both Council and the State Government and it will be many months before changes to the scheme are implemented.

Amendments in progress

The table below provides information about scheme amendments that are currently in progress, and those planned for future implementation.

Title Category Status Purpose Key dates
Desired Standards of  Service Amendment Major PSP and interim LGIP Public consultation To amend the LGIP and Planning Scheme Policy 5-Infrastructure to facilitate the combined planning and delivery of open space, land for community facilities and stormwater infrastructure Adoption: late 2018
State Planning Instruments Mapping Alignment Amendment Minor Planning and preparation To align mapping in the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 with the ShapingSEQ and State Planning Policy Adoption: late 2018
Miscellaneous Major Amendment No. 1 Major State interest review To make various changes to the Logan Planning Scheme. Further information will be provided as the amendment progresses

Adoption:  late 2018

Miscellaneous Major Amendment No. 2 Major State interest review To make various changes to the Logan Planning Scheme and planning scheme policies Adoption: late 2018
Logan Reserve Land Use Area Amendment Major State interest review To amend the Strategic Framework to include provisions guiding development in the Logan Reserve area Adoption: late 2018
Auxiliary Unit Amendment (PDF 32 KB) Major State interest review To introduce additional requirements for minimum lot size, minimum frontage, siting, additional car parking provision and specific driveway widths where establishing an auxiliary unit Adoption: late 2018
Springwood Local Plan Amendment Major State interest review To amend the extent of the local plan area, provide flexibility for building height control in specific precincts and remove car parking requirements in specific precincts Adoption: late 2018
Wuraga Road Biodiversity Corridor Amendment Major State interest review To amend the extent of the Biodiversity corridor in the vicinity of Wuraga Road, Holmview Adoption: early 2019
Park Ridge and Chambers Flat Land Use Area Amendment Major Planning and preparation To amend the Strategic Framework and PSP5 Infrastructure to include a general planning layout for this area Adoption: mid 2019
Meadowbrook Local Plan Amendment Major Planning and preparation To introduce a new local plan at Meadowbrook Adoption: mid 2019

Amendments adopted

The table below lists the amendments to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 which have been adopted since the instrument commenced on 18 May 2015.    This information is also available in the planning scheme (see Appendix 2 Table of Amendments).

Amendment Title Category Scheme Version Purpose Key dates
Minor and Administrative Amendment No. 3 (PDF 1190 KB) Minor V5.1 To make minor and administrative changes to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 and planning scheme policies that correct spelling and gramatical errors, cross references, factual matters and to improve the clarity and consistency of the planning scheme

Adopted 28 August 2017

Effective 8 September 2017

Logan Reserve General Planning Layout Amendment (PDF 572 KB) Major PSP V5.1 To amend the Planning Scheme Policy 5-Infrastructure through the inclusion of the Logan Reserve general planning layout which provides an indicitive development framework for future development in the area.

Adopted 28 August 2017

Effective 8 September 2017

Tamarid Street Access Restriction Strip Amendment (PDF 56 KB) Minor V5.1 To amend the zone and precinct of the access restricition strip at Lot 2 Tamarind Street Marsden (described as Lot 2 RP195508) to reflect an existing development approval.

Adopted 28 August 2017

Effective 8 September 2017

Planning Act 2016 Alignment Amendment (instrument and maps)

Alignment V5.0

To align the Logan Planning Scheme with the Planning Act 2016, including -

  • replacing terminology from the soon to be repleaded legislation with terminology consistent with the Planning Act 2016; and
  • improving codes to ensure they are consistent with the new decision rules for code assessment.

Adopted 23 June 2017

Effective  3 July 2017

Local Government Infrastructure Plan (PDF 5759 KB) Major V4.0 To replace the Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) with the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) in the Logan Planning Scheme.

Adopted 4 May 2017

Effective 26 May 2017

Infrastructure Charges Resolution No. 6 (PDF 54 KB) Administrative V4.0 To update Schedule 4 to reflect the adoption of Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 6) 2017

Adopted 4 May 2017

Effective 26 May 2017

Domestic Outbuildings (PDF 62 KB) Minor V4.0 To amend the Dual occupancy and Dwelling house code to clarify the intent for the regulation of domestic outbuildings

Adopted 4 May 2017

Effective 26 May 2017

Greenbank Training Area Buffer Overlay Major V3.0 To modify the provisions and extent of the Greenbank Training Area Buffer overlay in the Logan Planning Scheme to provide a more flexible, performance-based approach to protecting the Greenbank Training Area

Adopted 25 Nov 2016

Effective 9 Dec 2016

Standard Drawings
Minor V3.0 To amend the Standard Drawings to reflect changes the drawings required to ensure standards for planning, design, location and construction of infrastructure.

Adopted 18 Nov 2016

Effective 9 Dec 2016

Minor and Administrative Amendment No. 2 (PDF 12156 KB) Minor V2.1 To make minor and administrative amendments to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 that correct spelling and grammatical errors, cross references, factual matters, and to amend format and presentation and remove unnecessary duplication.

Adopted 18 Apr 2016

Effective 6 May 2016

Loganholme Local Plan Amendment (PDF 3971 KB) Major V2.0 To integrate the endorsed Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan (May 2013) into the Logan Planning Scheme

Adopted 7 Dec 2015

Effective 11 Dec 2015

Minor and Administrative Amendment No. 1 (PDF 141 KB) Minor V1.1 To correct a range of administrative and minor matters to generally improve the clarity and consistency of the planning scheme.

Adopted 12 May 2015

Effective 18 May 2015

Amendment process

In Queensland, the Planning Act 2016 governs land use planning and associated systems (e.g. development assessment).  As part of this legislative framework, the Minister's Guidelines and Rules set out the process for making and amending planning instruments which apply for a local government area, such as the Logan Planning Scheme 2015. The process varies depending on the scale of change being implemented, with major amendments requiring additional stages such as public consultation and State interest checks.

For more information, refer to the Queensland Planing Framework (Statutory Instruments - The ‘How’ of Planning) and the Making and Amending Local Planning Instruments under the Planning Act 2016 Fact Sheet on the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning website.

Temporary Local Planning Instruments (TLPI)

A Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) is a statutory instrument created under the provisions of the Planning Act 2016, which may suspend or otherwise affect the operation of another planning instrument (e.g. the Logan Planning Scheme), but does not amend or repeal that instrument.   The TLPI has effect for a period of up to two (2) years after its effective date, or for a shorter period stated in the instrument, unless repealed sooner.

Generally a TLPI is an interim response that can be made if:

  • There is a significant risk of serious adverse cultural, economic, environmental or social conditions happening in the local government area;  and
  • The delay involved in making or amendment another local planning instrument (e.g. the planning scheme) would increase the risk; and
  • A state interest would not be adversely effected by the proposed TLPI.

Current TLPI

There are no TLPI currently in effect in the City of Logan.

Expired TLPI

For a copy of expired TLPI please contact a planner.

  • TLPI No. 2 (Loganlea to Jimboomba Powerline Underground Area) 2015 - commenced on 30th October 2015 and ceased to have effect on 29th October 2016. The purpose of TLPI 02/15 was to facilitate the construction of the underground section of the Loganlea to Jimboomba electricity powerline by declaring development for this purpose to be self-assessable, and identifying applicable assessment criteria.
  • TLPI No. 1 (Logan Interim Flood Response) 2015 - commenced on 27th March 2015 and was superseded by the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 on 18th May 2015.  The purpose of TLPI 01/15 was to manage development in areas of Logan subject to flooding and inundation. It suspended the operation of specific provisions of the three planning schemes in effect at the time across the City of Logan (Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme 2007, Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003, Logan Planning Scheme 2006), and applied new provisions.
  • Previous instruments for Logan Interim Flood Response (2011 - 2013), similar to TLPI 01/15.