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Logan Planning Scheme Feedback

Thank you for your interest in the way land is used and developed in the City of Logan. Council is committed to ensuring the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 remains effective and relevant and encourages you to use this form to suggest improvements for consideration in future amendments (updates to the scheme).

For more information about amendments currently in progress, previously adopted, and the associated process and timeframes, please see amendments & TLPI.

If your feedback relates to Council's planning and development services in general, please use our online form.

Full description, including what the problem is, and what solution/change is being proposed
If appropriate enter the address of the property(ies) to which this feedback relates
Files must be under 5MB in size and match one of the following types: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

View Council's terms of use and privacy statement or contact a planner.