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Logan Urban Design Awards

Luda-no-date.smallThe Logan Urban Design Awards (LUDA) is a biennial event promoting excellence in the design and creation of urban environments large and small within the City of Logan.

The awards are open to projects, businesses or events that reside within Logan City since 2015. Projects entered into the Awards must have reached completion at least to the point of enabling assessment by the judging panel. Projects may cover a range of scales and types as defined by the four awards categories and the selection criteria.

The 2018 Logan Urban Design Awards were awarded in the following categories:

  • Master Planning Award - Awarded to master planned developments and communities
  • Architecture Award - Awarded to exemplar built form projects (residential, commercial, industrial or institutional)
  • Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award - Awarded to exemplar public realm works
  • Business, Programs and Events Award - Awarded to exemplar businesses, programs or events that contribute to a coherent and appealing urban environment

All applications were also considered for the overall Logan Urban Design Award.

LUDA 2018 Winners

Winners were announced at the awards night on 17 October 2018 at Beenleigh Artisan Distillery, winner of the Overall 2016 Logan Urban Design Award.

Winners will be published in the November 2018 edition of Our Logan Magazine.

Overall Logan Urban Design Award 2018 Winner - The Retreat including Buxton Park, Yarrabilba 

LUDA 2018 Overall Winner - The Retreat

The winner is a project that exemplifies the value and contribution of good design to create great places that are enjoyable and prosperous. This project is recognised for connectivity to the residential catchment, accessibility to and through the open space, and the clear excellence in many of the physical aspects of the estate, demonstrate a high standard of master-planning, design, construction and community development. These elements are underpinned by a robust community framework of open space and residential areas that will encourage sustainable living for generations to come. The judges acknowledge that Buxton Park, the Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award Winner is but part of a wider master planned precinct known as The Retreat and these projects together are deserving of the overall LUDA 2018 Award.

Master Planning Award

Harvest Rise - Intrapac Property

LUDA 2018 Master Planning Award Harvest Rise 

Harvest Rise is a well thought-through residential masterplan displaying both simplicity and design excellence in its layout.

The judges were impressed by the relationship between open space, living areas and circulation hierarchy, not only within the overall masterplan but also in respect of its connections to regional open space and cycle ways.

It is a highly permeable layout which promotes easy access within the estate including laneways, the encouragement of sustainable lifestyles through walking connections to open space, and particular attention to the facilitation of cycling within and external to the estate.

Architecture Award

22 Bernice Urban Apartments, Underwood - Hartley Property Group, PA Architects

LUDA 2018 Master Planning Award Winner 22 Bernice 

This mid-rise apartment building is deserving of the Award for Architecture for its place responsive design, its overall architectural composition and, as a catalyst project, for establishing a standard to be emulated in its local high density precinct.

Bernice Apartments demonstrates an admirable sub-tropical design philosophy with attention to orientation capturing cooling breezes whilst optimising privacy.

The modest proportions and scale of the project ‘sit’ well in the cul-de-sac environment, aided by the landscaped corridor that connects to a developing open space corridor.

Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award

Buxton Park, Yarrabilba - Lendlease, Tract Consultants

LUDA2018 Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award Winner Buxton Park 

The excellence and innovation in both landscape architecture and environmental management evident in the design and construction of this community open space within Yarrabilba makes Buxton Park a deserving winner of this award.

The interplay between greenspace, water, active recreational activities, and playground facilities demonstrates a commitment to excellence, and to nurturing the ‘heart’ ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ of the local community.

This is in addition to park planning features which have become standard best practice in Yarrabilba, such as retention of native trees, maximum accessibility via perimeter streets and cycleways and landscaping which facilitates Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveillance.

Business, Programs and Events Award

Spirits of the Red Sand

LUDA 2018 Business & Events Winner Spirits of the Red Sand 

This is an outstanding initiative that showcases the history of Aboriginal contact with colonial Australia and is deserving of an award for this alone.

However the Spirits of the Red Sand is much more than that - it celebrates aboriginal culture and connection to place, it provides insight to the history of Beenleigh and Logan, it activates and adds a night-time dimension to the Beenleigh Historical Village and is an important tourism initiative for the region.

The showcasing of a region’s past gives hope for on-going reconciliation and a respectful community.


Logan River Vision - Tract Consultants

&LUDA 2018 Commendation Logan River Vision

Truly a collaborative vision for the future, the Judges acknowledge and commend the important role the Logan River Vision will play for future generations of the City of Logan and for South East Queensland.  The Logan River is an important and underutilised asset of the City.

Covering the full spectrum of ecological sustainability and community interest, the Vision establishes a framework for action that supports a healthy and clean waterway, equitable community access, tourism opportunities, recreational needs and a sense of place for Logan. It is deserving of a commendation for its collaborative and consultative processes, and also for what it will contribute to Logan for generations to come.

8 Cinderella Drive - Roubaix Properties

LUDA 2018 Commendation 8 Cinderella Drive

The commercial office development at 8 Cinderella Drive is an exemplar of low rise office development for the ‘new’ Springwood.

The mix of materials and design elements presents a modern elevation to Cinderella Drive providing visual interest to the public domain though the creation of vertical shadows on the full height glazing, contrasting with open gazing in different proportions. These all provide good natural light internally. The street entry is well marked and cleverly connects to the public domain.

The scale of the project sits well on this elevated part of one of Logan’s key business centres. 


The PNG Independence Day Event, Beenleigh

LUDA 2018 Commendation PNG Independence Day Event

Logan’s broad multi-cultural diversity distinguishes it from other local governments within South East Queensland. It is a melting-pot of culture, of stories, and of humanity.

The PNG Independence Day Event is successful not only for its attendance but also for the promotion of the multi-cultural identity of Logan, for its contribution to community spirit, for its use of public space, and for the meaningful contribution of those who organise and participate in this special event.

Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Month Community Breakfast, Yarrabilba - Lendlease

LUDA 2018 Commendation DFVP Breakfast Yarrabilba

The acknowledgment of domestic violence in society and empowerment of the local community to create a culture to address and appropriately respond is of particular credit to the organisations who have championed this initiative. It is particularly appropriate for newly-established urban communities such as Yarrabilba to emphasise this commitment to family support and DV prevention at an early stage in their development.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative understands the link between public spaces and social capital, through opportunities for the community to come together. It is an initiative to be commended and encouraged throughout the region.

Full list of nominees

Master Planning Award

  • Harvest Rise, Greenbank - Intrapac Property [Winner]
  • Logan River Vision - Tract Consultants [Commendation]
  • Park Rise, Park Ridge - Burchills Engineering Solutions
  • The Retreat, Yarrabilba - Lendlease
Architecture Award
  • 22 Bernice Urban Apartments, Underwood - Hartley Property Group, PA Architects [Winner]
  • 6 Anthony Street, Kingston - Paul Venour Building Designer, Australian Lifestyle Development Group, Callaway Homes
  • 8 Cinderella Drive, Springwood - Roubaix Properties [Commendation]
  • AEIOU Logan Centre for Autism, Meadowbrook - AEIOU Foundation
  • Audi Sales Centre, Slacks Creek - Jame Frizelle's Automotive Group
  • Logan Central Plaza, Logan Central - Retail First
  • Palm Lake Care, Mount Warren Park - Palm Lake Care
  • Protect Industries HQ, 18 Ellerslie Road, Meadowbrook - Protect Industries
  • Sustainable House, Yarrabilba - Lendlease
  • Vibrance, 30 Cinderella Drive, Springwood - Project Leaders Australia
  • Yarrafit, Alder Circuit, Yarrabilba - Yarrafit
Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award
  • Buxton Park, Yarrabilba - Lendlease, Tract Consultants [Winner] 
  • Flagstone Regional Park, Flagstone - Peet Limited, MTAA Super
  • Foxx Park, Yarrabilba - AECOM and Lendlease (based on concept design previously developed by RPS Australia)
  • Fryar Road Community Gardens, Eagleby - FIRST
  • Greenstone Park, Yarrabilba - AECOM and Lendlease (based on concept design previously developed by RPS Australia)
  • Haven Park, Brookhaven, Bahrs Scrub - Frasers Property Australia
  • Yarrabilba Public Art Strategy - Lendlease, CREATIVEMOVE
Business, Programs & Events Award
  • Beenleigh Twilight Christmas Markets, Beenleigh - Goodwill Projects
  • Carols in the Parkland, Yarrabilba - Yarrabilba Community Association
  • Domestic & Family Domestic Violence Prevention Month - Community Breakfast, Yarrabilba - Lendlease [Commendation]
  • Logan Startup Hub, Underwood - Logan Startup Hub / ECConnect
  • Mingle Markets, Yarrabilba - Creative Collective Cultural Community Inc. 
  • Monkey Tree Brewing Co. Underwood
  • Paws in the Park, Yarrabilba - Lendlease
  • Protect Industries HQ, 18 Ellerslie Road, Meadowbrook - Protect Industries
  • Spirits of the Red Sand, Beenleigh [Winner]
  • The PNG Independence Day Event, Beenleigh - The Papua New Guinea Federation Queensland Inc. [Commendation]
  • Thom & Ann's Restaurant Deli, Yarrabilba - Scott & Fiona Roebig
  • Traction Workshops, Yarrabilba - Traction, Lendlease
  • Yarrafit, Alder Circuit, Yarrabilba - Yarrafit
Student Award
  • Ashley Bamford
  • Melinda Edwards
  • Thomas Howell [Winner]
  • Renee Livingstone
  • Andrew Scott
  • Pak Lim She
  • Emily Took
  • Verity Walsh
  • Lai Kwan Wong


Judges for the LUDA 2018 awards were selected from voluntary participants, and consists of three independent experts of professional and peak body affiliations, the Mayor and Chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee. Reflecting on the collaborative nature of urban design, the judging panel is a partnership between organisations active in urban design projects both locally and nationally.

Chris Buckley

Chris Buckley

Principal Town Planner,
Tract Consulting

Alan Chenoweth

Alan Chenoweth

Senior Consultant,

Malcolm Middleton

Malcolm Middleton

Queensland Government

Judges - more info

Chris Buckley Principal Town Planner, Tract Consulting

Chris Buckley is a Town Planner with over 30 years' experience working in Queensland. Chris has held roles in the State Government including Chair of the City West Task Force and Deputy Chair of the Queensland Heritage Council. He is a member of the board for Urban Places and was awarded the National Lifetime Achievement Award by the Planning Institute of Australia in 2011.

Alan Chenoweth Senior Consultant, Cardno

Alan Chenoweth is a Registered Landscape Architect and Certified Environmental Practitioner with over 40 years' experience in consultancy, public service, research and teaching. Alan has won several planning awards for innovative approaches to 'green planning' and currently chairs the Certification Board of Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

Malcolm Middleton Queensland Government Architect

Malcolm Middleton was appointed as Queensland’s Government Architect in July 2011 and in this role, he is an advocate for the recognition of the value to all projects through well considered design processes. He provides project advice and undertakes design reviews for projects across many areas of government as well as chairing the Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel.

Selection criteria

The awards criteria adopts the principles of Creating Places for People—an urban design protocol for Australian cities, which forms the Australian Government's approved policy for urban design. The document and more information can be accessed from the protocol's website, at the link below.

The awards categories acknowledge that good urban design can be large or small. Thinking about urban design of different scales will help Council in creating healthy, inclusive and social environments that:

  • Attract business and private investment
  • Provides a choice of housing, work and lifestyle options
  • Facilitates creativity and innovation
  • Has a strong identity and sense of place


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Logan Urban Design Award 2016 winners

The LUDA 2016 awards were announced on 12 October 2016 at an event in the Beenleigh Town Square.