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Planning & Design Projects

Council undertakes planning and design projects to guide future growth and renewal of areas across Logan, and to inform future amendments of the Logan Planning Scheme.  Information on projects in progress and completed can be accessed below.

Planning for the Future (Summits and Forums)

A number of summits and forums have been held across the City of Logan to plan for the future of our key areas.  These events are designed to identify projects and programs to unlock the economic and place making potential of Logan's centres.  For more information please see below:

Recently completed

The following planning projects have  recently been completed and endorsed by Council.

The Logan Reserve General Planning Layout (the plan) was endorsed by Council on 29 August 2017.  The plan has been informed by extensive consultation and engagement with the community.  The plan considers the environmental constraints and indicates the preferred dominant land use and indicative road network in the area

The Meadowbrook Master Plan is an approved non-statutory document which articulates Council's vision for this area and can be used as a guideline for development assessment purposes. It is Council's intention to incorporate the Meadowbrook Master Plan into the Logan Planning Scheme, 2015 as part of a future amendment..

Completed - informing planning and development decisions

The following planning projects have been completed and are referred to within the Strategic Framework (Part 3) of the Logan Planning Scheme.   The project documentation should be considered as part of the development assessment process in areas designated as 'emerging communities'.

Completed - historic reference only

The following planning projects have been completed and are provided as background/reference material only - they should not be relied upon as part of the development assessment process.  The results of these projects have been incorporated into the Logan Planning Scheme, which now guides decision making in these areas.

Design projects

The following projects focus on the design and/or renewal of key places in the City of Logan.

  • Beenleigh Town Square - opened in late 2015 in the heart of Beenleigh, as a focal point for events and cultural activities.

Useful links

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