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Bahrs Scrub

Bahrs Scrub is identified in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 as a Local Development Area to accommodate future residential growth. Since 2009, Council has been working on a plan to guide the future development of the area.

On 20 August 2012, Council released the draft Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan for community consultation and at its meeting on 4 December 2012, endorsed the Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan for the purpose of informing the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 .  The Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan has subsequently been incorporated into the Strategic Framework of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015.

The plan guides the development for the area over the next 20 years and proposes:

  • residential precincts for approximately 4,400 new dwellings to house around 10,100 people
  • centres for an estimated 7,650 m² of retail, commercial and community uses
  • strategic public transport routes through the area
  • more than 60% of the area to be managed or protected to maintain environmental values
  • environmental offsets throughout the plan area.   

Next Steps

The endorsed Bahrs Scrub Local Development Plan is Council's policy intent for the development of the area.

It is anticipated that Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan will inform a subsequent amendment to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 , where the plan is to be translated into relevant planning scheme provisions, finalising the planning process for the area. This amendment process is subject to review from the Queensland Government and further consultation with the community in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Community feedback

Feedback from the community on the draft plan resulted in a range of changes to the endorsed Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan. A summary of submissions received is available.

Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan

Or download individual chapters of the plan:

Endorsed LDAP Land Use Map
Endorsed Bahrs Scurb Local Development Area Plan Land Use Map (PDF 574 KB)

Supporting technical studies

The Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan is supported by a number of technical studies that provide more details and guidance on a range of matters. The full suite of supporting technical studies can be found here.

Development applications

Council has a dedicated web page whereby people can identify and track development applications.  This web page (Planning & Development Online) can be accessed at

The advanced search function allows users to identify a suburb and timeframe in which to do these searches.  Once identified, you can then select the development application for more details.  Alternatively, people can register their interest at to receive text alerts of development applications lodged within a predefined area.  The information provided through this service can then be used on the Planning & Development Online page to get more detailed information and track the application.

Further information

For further information on the Bahrs Scrub Local Development Area Plan please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Phone: 07 3412 4247
Mail: Logan City Council
Economic Development and Strategy
PO Box 3226
Logan City DC QLD 4114