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Located in the city's south, Beenleigh is one of four key activity centres in Logan (the others being Meadowbrook, Springwood, and Logan Central). Each centre plays an important role that is complementary and integral to the success of Logan City, with Beenleigh being a compact and vibrant centre known for its fine grain retailing and rich heritage and history. It supplements the commercial and administrative roles of Springwood and Logan Central and generates employment for the surrounding community.

Beenleigh is strategically located along the high frequency Brisbane to Gold Coast rail corridor and the Pacific Motorway, providing strong links to adjoining Brisbane and Gold Coast local government areas. Beenleigh's proximity to these two major employment generators and its availability of affordable housing and land supply makes it an attractive investment location.

Information on the planning for Beenleigh's future is provided below. For additional information on Beenleigh contact our Place Management Team on 07 3412 4582 or email For development related enquiries or assistance please contact a planner.

Beenleigh Implementation Plan Fund Projects (2018-2021)

View the Beenleigh Implementation Plan Fund Projects

Beenleigh Implementation Plan (February 2019)

On 28 August 2018, Council approved the Beenleigh Implementation Plan to guide planning and delivery of priority projects and programs in Beenleigh, which build upon the overall objectives of the Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan and incorporates the outcomes from the Beenleigh Summit.

On 26 February 2019, Council endorsed the updated Beenleigh Implementation Plan (PDF 6515 KB), following the annual review.

New incentives to boost development

As part of the next steps, Council recently announced the Beenleigh Economic Development Zone, offering incentives to encourage cinema, office space and mixed-used developments. In addition, discounts on infrastructure charges of up to $1 million are also on offer for 3.5 to 5-Star branded hotels and serviced apartments to boost development. For detailed information on eligibility requirements visit Infrastructure Planning and Charges.

Major initiatives

Since the approval of the Beenleigh Implementation Plan, the following initiatives have been undertaken:

  • The establishment of an entertainment and food precinct, and activation of the centre with outdoor dining options, a big screen and public WiFi for the Town Square.
  • Delivery of a container mobile office/retail space, start-ups or info centre in the Beenleigh Town Centre.
  • Streetscape enhancements and street activation with lighting and public art.
  • Smart parking options and wayfinding signage.

Beenleigh Town Square (November 2015)

The Beenleigh Town Square was a catalyst project identified in the Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan. It was officially opened on 6 November 2015 and:

  • contributes to the revitalisation of Beenleigh while demonstrating the benefits of good planning and place making
  • has transformed the heart of the Beenleigh CBD from a six way roundabout dominated by motor vehicles into a new pedestrian friendly public realm
  • has resulted in renewed investor confidence in this key activity centre.

Beenleigh Centre Advisory Group (December 2018)

The purpose of Beenleigh Centre Advisory Group (BCAG) is to accurately represent local residents, businesses, land owners, retailers and other key stakeholders and provide input and guidance to Council on the detailed design and delivery of the Beenleigh Implementation Fund Projects.

Please email the completed Application Form to

Beenleigh Summit (October 2017)

The Beenleigh Summit, held on 25 October 2017, was a free, informative and collaborative event focused on unlocking the economic potential of Beenleigh and the City of Logan. It brought together experts in place making and design, infrastructure policy, urban innovation and development to share national and international perspectives on making the future Beenleigh an interesting and exciting place to visit, work, live, play and do business in.

To learn more, and to view videos from the event, please see Beenleigh Summit.

At the conclusion of the Beenleigh Summit and community engagement period, a total of 561 submissions were received, with 650 ideas about the future of Beenleigh.   These ideas have been collated into 18 primary actions and 33 initiatives to be rolled out in the short, medium and long term through collaborative efforts with Council, federal and state governments, local businesses and chambers of commerce, the community and the private sector.

Download the Beenleigh Summit Outcomes Summary (PDF 911 KB) to read all of the planned initiatives.

Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan (May 2011)

Council prepared a master plan to guide future growth in the Beenleigh town centre and provide a strategic framework for managing growth in Beenleigh over the next 20 years.

The plan proposes to physically transform the town's centre, with clear proposals for land use, building, public spaces, and pedestrian and traffic movement.

The Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan aims to:

  • build first-class public spaces and a new town square
  • balance traffic movements and car parking with high quality public spaces to ensure a people friendly place
  • develop incentives to encourage the right type and quality of development at the right time and in the right place
  • create an environment that is attractive for investment
  • identify and prioritise key projects that will act as a catalyst for putting the Master Plan strategies into action in the short, medium and longer term.