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Beenleigh is one of four key activity centres (Meadowbrook, Springwood, Logan Central and Beenleigh) with each centre playing an important role that is complementary and integral to the success of Logan City. Beenleigh plays the role of a compact and vibrant centre known for its fine grain retailing and rich heritage and history. It supplements the commercial and administrative roles of Springwood and Logan Central and generates employment for the surrounding community.

Beenleigh is strategically located along the high frequency Brisbane to Gold Coast rail corridor and the Pacific Motorway providing strong links to adjoining Brisbane and Gold Coast local government areas. Beenleigh's proximity to these two major employment generators and its availability of affordable housing and land supply makes it an attractive investment location.

Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan

Council has prepared a master plan to guide future growth in the Beenleigh town centre. The Master Plan provides a strategic framework for managing growth in Beenleigh over the next 20 years.

The plan proposes to physically transform the town's centre, with clear proposals for land use, building, public spaces, and pedestrian and traffic movement.

The Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan aims to:

  • Build first-class public spaces and a new town square
  • Balance traffic movements and car parking with high quality public spaces to ensure a  people friendly place
  • Develop incentives to encourage the right type and quality of development at the right time and in the right place
  • Create and environment that is attractive for investment
  • Identify and prioritise key projects that will act as a catalyst for putting the Master Plan strategies into action in the short, medium and longer term

More information

Stakeholder consultation

The Beenleigh Town Centre Draft Master Plan was released for community feedback from 12 November to 17 December 2010. The purpose of this report was to summarise the 130 individually recorded comments on the draft plan received by email, letter or through the supplied community feedback form. Comments are summarised under the following headings:

  • Transport
  • Safety
  • Building heights, density and land use
  • Public realm and urban design
  • Infrastructure
  • Miscellaneous
  • Requests for more information.

Beenleigh Town Centre Draft Master Plan - Summary of Community Feedback

Background Studies 

Following community consultation for the Beenleigh Town Centre Draft Master Plan, which was held from 12 November to 17 December 2010, two key issues were identified, namely building height and the development of an Implementation Programme.

Building Heights Study

Immediately prior to the release of the Beenleigh Town Centre Draft Master Plan, the Department of Local Government and Planning issued a new guide for the creation of Transit Orientated Developments (TODs).

While the Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan was drafted in accordance with the best TOD principles, the Master Plan needed to have regard to the latest TOD Guide. Subsequently, Place Design Group Ltd was commissioned to undertake a Building Height Study in recognition of the submissions received during the public consultation and the latest TOD guidelines.

Based on the recommendations of the Building Heights Study, the maximum building heights for the activity centre were increased.

Social Impact Assessment

Logan City Council conducted a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) to inform the implementation of the Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan. Extensive consultation with the Beenleigh community was conducted, with the following key findings:

  • The community places a high value on the historical aspects of Beenleigh and would like to see these maintained
  • The importance of identifying and mitigating of potential negative impacts, such as housing affordability
  • Both physical changes to the urban environment and social change potential should be considered when increasing densities
  • There is an ongoing need to consult with the Beenleigh community to effectively manage change

The study identified the social issues and potential impacts that could affect the quality of life of Beenleigh residents as a result of the Master Planning process. A range of enhancement and mitigation measures have been recommended and reviewed by Council.

The recommendations of the Social Impact Assessment have informed the final Master Plan, and will inform the Local Area Plan and Implementation Programme for the Beenleigh Town Centre area.

Social Needs Assessment

The Beenleigh and Bahrs Scrub Social Needs Assessment was prepared by Elton Consulting for Logan City Council in August 2010.

The social needs assessment informed the preparation of the Beenleigh and Bahrs Scrub plans. It provides an overview of the demographic characteristics of the Beenleigh and Bahrs Scrub areas, examines the community and open space facilities available in the area, and identifies current social issues and needs. It also considers broader population forecasts for the areas and the implications for demand on social infrastructure, highlighting issues for consideration in the next stages of community planning.


Beenleigh Parking Plan

The first Beenleigh Parking Plan was released on 29 June 2011. The parking plan was developed to accompany the Beenleigh Town Centre Draft Master Plan and was updated in 2015 based on an approved Parking Strategy undertaken by MRCagney.

Catalyst projects - Beenleigh Town Square

The Beenleigh Town Sqaure project was a key catalyst project identified in the Master Plan. The new Beenleigh Town Square officially opened on 6 November 2015 -

  • Demonstrates the benefits of good planning and place making
  • Is a key catalyst project contributing to the revitalisation of Beenleigh
  • Has transformed the heart of the Beenleigh CBD from a six way roundabout dominated by motor vehicles into a new pedestrian friendly public realm
  • Has resulted in renewed investor confidence in this key activity centre

The delivery of Beenleigh Town Square is driven by a powerful desire from the community to transform the physical heart of the town. The project aspires to transform the space around the current six way roundabout from a functional junction (where vehicles meet) into a real community heart (where people meet). This is to be a place of cultural exchange and community activity.

Council and the consultant team worked closely with the local community to preserve and enhance the local history and identity of Beenleigh. The final design represents a town square that has been tailor-made by the community, for the community and is the culmination of 20 years of planning and community consultation. The $9.7M project was a collaborative and creative process involving the three tiers of Government, local community and business representatives, transport and traffic engineers, town planners, urban designers, architects and landscape architects.  The project has already resulted in an additional investment of $1.5 million by the State for upgrades to the adjoining Beenleigh Courthouse and the establishment of a weekly farmer’s market. The Beenleigh Town Square sets a new benchmark in the delivery of vibrant city places in the City of Logan.

For more information, view the Beenleigh Town Square project page

Next steps

On 17 October 2017, Council approved the Beenleigh Implementation Plan to guide planning and delivery of priority projects and programs in Beenleigh, which build upon the overall objectives of Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan.
The Beenleigh Implementation Plan will be made publically available after the community and stakeholders are engaged as part of the Beenleigh Summit on 25 October 2017 and outcomes from the summit have been inncorporated in the plan.

For more information on the Beenleigh Summit visit the dedicated webpage.