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Beenleigh Town Square

Beenleigh Town Square is a key urban space that has been transformed from a six way roundabout into a vibrant community heart. The development of Beenleigh Town Square has been driven by a desire from the community to transform the physical heart of the town into a place of cultural exchange and activity and includes:

  • A civic platform
  • A pavilion structure that could accommodate a cafĂ© in future
  • An open-air market space

Beenleigh Town Square will have significant economic and social benefits for the Beenleigh community and will contribute to Beenleigh becoming a welcoming and attractive destination for visitors fostering Beenleigh's thriving small business community.

Events at Beenleigh Town Square

Beenleigh Town Square is capable of hosting a variety of events throughout the year including markets, local festivals and concerts. Logan City Council manages the bookings for events and activities in the Beenleigh Town Square.

About Beenleigh centre

Beenleigh is one of four key activity centres in Logan City (Meadowbrook, Springwood, Logan Central and Beenleigh) and each key centre plays an important role that is both complementary and integral to the success of Logan City. Beenleigh as one of the key centres  plays the role of a compact and vibrant centre known for its fine grain retailing and rich heritage and history. It supplements the commercial and administrative roles of Springwood and Logan Central and generates employment for the surrounding community.

Beenleigh is strategically located along the high frequency Brisbane to Gold Coast rail corridor and the Pacific Motorway providing strong links to adjoining Brisbane and Gold Coast local government areas. Beenleigh's proximity to these two major employment generators and its availability of affordable housing and land supply makes it an attractive investment location.

Invest in Beenleigh

Beenleigh's proximity to the Gold Coast and Brisbane, affordable land prices and educated workforce makes it an attractive location for investors, developers, and business entrepreneurs.

The top five economic sectors in Beenleigh are retail, health care and social assistance, public administration and safety, manufacturing, and accommodation and food services contributing to an overall 56% of the employment sector.

There are four key departments involved in Beenleigh's renewal and investment program including three Logan City Council departments (Centres Planning and Urban Renewal, Logan's Office of Economic Development, and Logan Development Assessment Branch) and the Beenleigh Yatala Chambers of Commerce.