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Beenleigh Town Square

Beenleigh Town Square is a key urban space that has been transformed from a six way roundabout into a vibrant community heart. The development of Beenleigh Town Square has been driven by a desire from the community to transform the physical heart of the town into a place of cultural exchange and activity and includes:

  • A civic platform
  • A pavilion structure that could accommodate a cafĂ© in future
  • An open-air market space

Beenleigh Town Square provides significant economic and social benefits for the Beenleigh community and contributes to Beenleigh becoming a welcoming and attractive destination for visitors fostering Beenleigh's thriving business community.   The space can host a variety of events including markets, local festivals and concerts. Logan City Council manages the bookings for events and activities in the Beenleigh Town Square - please  contact the venue coordinator by phone on 07 3412 4403 or email