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Located in the north-eastern area of the city, Springwood is one of four key activity centres in Logan (the others being Meadowbrook, Logan Central and Beenleigh).  Each centre plays an important role that is complementary and integral to the success of our growing city.

Information about planning for the future of Springwood is provided below. For additional information or assistance please contact a planner.

Springwood Implementation Plan Fund Projects (2018-2021)

View the Springwood Implementation Plan Fund Projects.

Springwood Implementation Plan (June 2018)

Council approved the updated Springwood Implementation Plan (PDF 7288 KB) on 26 June 2018.

The journey to achieve Council's vision for the future of Springwood has commenced, with Council committing $5 million for priority projects in its 2017/2018 budget. The Springwood Implementation Fund will be used to deliver on priority projects identified from the Springwood Summit to unlock the city-making potential of the Springwood activity centre.

Some of the Springwood Priority Projects to be delivered over the next two years include:

  • streetscape enhancements of key streets in the centre
  • new pedestrian and cycle connections between Carol Avenue and Laurinda Crescent and between Dennis Road and Carol Avenue
  • a shared pathway along the Slacks Creek Corridor
  • the introduction of free Wi-fi to key public spaces in the centre.

The balance of projects identified after the summit are included in the Springwood Implementation Plan. These projects will be rolled out on a medium to long term basis and will be prioritised through future community and stakeholder engagement.

Springwood Summit (October 2016)

On 21 October 2016 the Springwood Summit was held, bringing together key government and industry stakeholders, as well as business owners and landowners, to unlock the economic and placemaking potential for Springwood. Participants included experts in place design, infrastructure policy, urban innovation and development.  To learn more, and to view video and audio recordings from the event, please see Springwood Summit.

On 14 March 2017, Council endorsed for implementation 10 primary actions and 30 initiatives identified from the Springwood Summit. To review all of the planned initiatives, please see the Springwood Summit Outcomes (PDF 917 KB).

All the outcomes from the summit have been included in the Springwood Implementation Plan (PDF 7288 KB) which was endorsed by Council on 17 October 2017.

Greater Springwood Master Plan (October 2009)

In October 2009, Council endorsed the Greater Springwood Master Plan (PDF 4323 KB) to guide the future growth of Springwood to 2031. The plan addresses the development opportunities and challenges of the area, and responds to the requirements of the SEQ Regional Plan and community/stakeholder expectations.

The master plan proposes to physically transform the town's centre, including clear proposals for land use, building, public spaces, pedestrian and traffic movement, supported by a timeline and delivery strategy which aims to:

  • transform Springwood as the principal commercial centre in Logan integrated with the south east busway
  • create a vibrant community heart and new town squares, alfresco dining areas, cinemas, restaurants, art gallery/theatre, parks and open spaces
  • provide major upgrades to street lighting, boulevards, road function (traffic, cycle and transit facilities), water, sewer, broadband and energy supply
  • deliver higher residential densities close to transit.