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Jimboomba is a vibrant retail and commercial centre in the heart of a rural residential setting. Information about planning for the future of Jimboomba is provided below. For additional information or assistance please contact a planner.

Jimboomba Summit (March 2019)

Jimboomba has always been a place where big things can happen but small things matter, and with significant change occurring around Jimboomba, it is important to think about the future.

Council is seeking to create a Jimboomba where modern conveniences and rural lifestyle meet and a Jimboomba that not only serves as a hub for the region but a place for families and the community to gather, live, work and play.

To learn more, please visit the Jimboomba Summit page. 

Jimboomba Local Plan (April 2010)

Jimboomba has a contemporary village character with three distinct yet connected retail and service centres, including Honora Street to the north (library, police and fire stations) and Cusack Lane which connects two shopping areas.

Logan City Council endorsed the Jimboomba Local Plan on 22 April 2010 and the plan was incorporated into Part 7 (Local Plans) of the Logan Planning Scheme when the scheme commenced on 18 May 2015.

The plan provides:

  • sufficient land for housing, services, retail and commercial uses
  • medium density zoning (up to 25 dwellings per hectare, two storeys only) on some housing lots to allow for households of different sizes, income levels and household stages
  • residential low density precincts (up to 15 dwellings per hectare, two storeys only)
  • park residential precincts (up to two dwellings per hectare, two storeys only, on minimum 4,000 square metres)
  • a new town centre with quality public places, services, conveniences and workplaces
  • easier access for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles and better access across Mount Lindesay Highway
  • relocation of the school
  • public spaces, recreational opportunities and protection of the environment
  • a town character that is comfortable and engaging
  • a staged approached to development.

The documents below are provided for historical reference only. For decision making purposes, please refer to the Jimboomba Local Plan in Part 7 of the Logan Planning Scheme.