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Logan Central Master Plan

The Logan Central Master Plan provides the strategic vision that will guide development in Logan Central in the future and help us realise its potential as the cultural and civic heart of Logan City as identified in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031.

The plan aims to build upon and celebrate Logan Central's cultural diversity while taking a fresh look at the emerging needs of the area over the next 20 years. The master plan provides a vision for the area to encourage future development, improving the area's attractiveness to investors, visitors and the community. 

The Logan Central Master Plan and Implementation Plan were endorsed by Council on 18 November 2014. 

The master plan vision seeks to ensure that Logan Central evolves into 'the cultural and civic heart of Logan City - a place where the city's diverse and vibrant community comes together to learn, do business, celebrate and socialise'.  The illustrative Master Plan is indicative and reflects a long-term future development scenario (20+ years).

For more information download Logan Central Master Plan (PDF 6322 KB)

For further information on the Logan Central Master Plan
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Catalyst projects

Logan Central Affordable Housing Project: Tallowwood On North

Logan City Council, the Australian Government and Horizon Housing have formed a partnership to deliver an affordable housing demonstration project (PDF 2571 KB). Funded through the Australian Government's Liveable Cities Program, Tallowwood on North is an innovative residential development showcasing high quality urban design and a range of affordable housing options.

Tallowwood Tallowwood

Background studies

Several background studies and strategies have informed the preparation of the Logan Central Master Plan and provide an overarching framework for regeneration and urban renewal within Logan Central.

Logan Central Social Impact Assessment

In conjunction with the Logan Central Master Plan, Council's Social Planning team conducted a community survey to determine the positive and negative impacts of the planning on the Logan Central community.  

This survey was used as a tool to inform a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for the Master Plan. The SIA looked at the impacts of the Master Plan, and assisted Council in determining strategies to achieve the best outcomes for the community.

Next steps

The Implementation Plan identifies the actions and projects that could occur over the short, medium and longer term, pending future funding arrangements, to deliver the Master Plan vision.

The delivery strategy relies on three key elements that include:

  • An implementation schedule
  • Development briefs for key catalyst projects
  • The Logan Central Local Plan (draft Logan Planning Scheme, 2014)

Logan Central Master Plan - Implementation Plan (PDF 580 KB)