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Logan Reserve General Planning Layout (Logan Reserve Plan)

The Logan Reserve Plan indicates the preferred dominant land uses and indicative road network for an area. It considers some environmental and hazard constraints of the overlays in the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (the planning scheme) and provides Council and the community with an indicative development framework promoting integrated development.

The Queensland Government identified Logan Reserve as a future development area, locating it within the Urban Footprint in the South East Queensland Regional Plan. In response Logan City Council identified the area within the Strategic Framework of the planning scheme, including it in the Emerging Community zone. With interest from the development industry increasing for properties in Logan Reserve, Council in June 2016 approved the drafting of a Logan Reserve Plan (the Plan) to guide future development in the area.

The Plan:

  • aims to provide for a balanced future community within a quality environment
  • will ensure development is delivered in an integrated, orderly way
  • provides primarily for low density residential development and does not propose any non-compatible residential uses
  • realises the potential of the Logan riverfront and proposes activation of this natural asset with potential pedestrian walkways
  • is an indicative, flexible development framework. Developers and property owners will be able to submit development proposals while residents who do not wish to develop will not be forced into development
  • will not require Council to buy any properties
  • retains the Emerging community zoning.

View Logan Reserve Plan (PDF 3500 KB)

View Logan Reserve Land Use Area Amendment Instrument (PDF 555 KB)

Process to include the Plan in the planning scheme

The process to incorporate the Plan into the planning scheme involves two separate processes, namely:

  • amending the Planning Scheme Policy 5-Infrastructure of the planning scheme to include the Plan. This process was completed in 2017; and
  • amending the Strategic Framework to include the Plan (ongoing-2018).

Amending the Planning Scheme Policy 5 - Infrastructure to include the Plan (2017)

The Plan was adopted by Council on 29 August 2017 and commenced 8 September 2017.

Prior to this adoption, public consultation on the draft Plan was undertaken between 5 April 2017 and 9 June 2017. The consultation included letters and a Logan Reserve information booklet mailed to all landowners and residents in Logan Reserve advising them about the draft GPL and the public consultation period. Public notices appeared in the Jimboomba Times, Albert and Logan News and the Reporter in April 2017. The draft GPL was also made available on Council’s website (as an interactive map) and at three Council customer service centres. Two ‘Meet the Planner’ sessions were held on Saturday 22 April 2017 and Thursday evening 4 May 2017 at the Logan Reserve State School and in total 146 residents attended the two sessions.

Council received 61 properly made submissions. Letters were mailed to these submitters responding to the individual matters raised. The detailed Submission Analysis and Response Report 2017 (PDF 397 KB)contains a summary of the matters raised in submissions and Council's response. In response to the matters raised, a range of changes were made to the plan and fall into three main area being changes to the environmental management and conservation areas, movement network and residential precincts. Table 2 presents a summary of the changes.

Environmental management and conservation areas

Proposed changeRational for change
Reduction of the Environmental Management and Conversation Areas to reflect approved development applications.

The original draft General Planning Layout contained large amounts of areas of Environmental Management and Conservation land, shown in green on the plan. Development approvals which were approved in the Logan Reserve area undertook detailed ecological surveys and in some cases, the extent of the areas shown in green were reduced.

In addition to development approvals, an internal review of the areas of Environmental Management and Conservation land was undertaken. As a result, the extent of some areas were reduced.

Movement network

Proposed changeRational for change
Changes to the position of roads to reflect development approvals and to better align with property boundaries.

After evaluating the submissions and carrying out an internal review it was determined that small changes needed to occur to ensure proposed roads did not dissect properties, do follow property boundaries and reflect recent development approvals.

The number of properties in the approved plan dissected by proposed roads has been reduced, increasing the development potential of the properties.

Residential precincts

Proposed changeRational for change
The most significant change from what was originally published as a draft General Planning Layout to what is now proposed is the mixture of precincts across the planning area.

The Small lot precinct in the approved plan is limited to the area north of School Road and a small area on the corner of School Road and Chambers Flat Road. The Small lot precinct south of School Road has been replaced with Suburban precinct concentrated around the Logan Reserve School, Stoneleigh Reserve and the approved Glen Road development.

The remainder of the plan area is included in the Village precinct whereas before it was a mixture of Suburban, Large suburban and Acreage precincts.

The existing Small lot precinct changes north of School Road now reflect adjoining development approvals. In addition to this, the submissions raised a number of issues about the perceived impacts of having small lots and that larger lot sizes would be suitable for this area.

The proposed changes reduce the quantity of small lots while still adhering to the minimum density requirements of State Government’s Regional Plan. The removal of the Large suburban and Acreage precinct in the south of the plan area and the increased Village precinct remove the transition of densities, thereby not compromising the development potential of that area should the Urban Footprint be expanded in the future.

Amending the Strategic Framework to include the Plan (2018)

Public consultation on the Plan was undertaken between 10 September 2018 and 22 October 2018. The consultation included letters mailed to all landowners and residents in Logan Reserve advising them about the Plan and the public consultation period. Public notices appeared in the Jimboomba Times, Albert and Logan News and the Reporter in September 2018. The Plan was also made available on Council’s website.

Council received 31 properly made submissions. The detailed Submission Analysis and Response Report 2018 (PDF 196 KB) contains a summary of the matters raised in submissions and Council's response. Council have considered all submissions received as part of the public consultation process and no changes were made to the Plan.

Next steps

The next step towards finalising the Plan is sending the plan to the Queensland Government in December 2018 to confirm that it adequately addresses the requirements of the Queensland Government. Once endorsed by the state government, Council will then consider the adoption of the Logan Reserve Plan and incorporation of the Plan in the Strategic Framework of the Logan planning scheme 2015.

If you require more information about the Logan Reserve Plan, please call Council’s planning hotline on (07) 3412 4247.