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Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan

The Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan was endorsed by Council on 28 May 2013 for the purpose of informing an amendment to Council's new planning scheme: the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, which commenced on 18 May 2015 and is now in use in the City of Logan.

The revised Logan Planning Scheme 2015 Loganholme Local Plan Amendment (the revised Amendment) incorporates the proposed changes made to the draft Amendment following public consultation (held 29 June 2015 -  7 August 2015).  Key dates for the progress of the revised Amendment are:

  • 7 October 2015 - the revised Amendment was formally endorsed by Council and submitted to the State Government for approval.
  • 3 December 2015 - the Deputy Premier, the Hon Jackie Trad MP, approved the Amendment to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, in accordance with Statutory Guideline 04/14 - Making and amendment local planning instruments (MALPI).
  • 11 December 2015 - Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V2.0 (incorporating the revised Amendment) commenced.

Council's planning officers can provide assistance in relation to understanding the revised Amendment and how it may apply to a particular property.  Please contact a planner.

Find more information about the development of the Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan.

Public consultation

Public consultation on the draft Logan Planning Scheme 2015 Loganholme Local Plan Amendment was undertaken for 30 business days from Monday 29 June 2015 to Friday 7 August 2015, in accordance with the endorsed community engagement plan and the requirements of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (the SPA) and Statutory Guideline 04/14 Making and amending local planning instruments (MALPI).

Council received 905 items of correspondence on the draft Amendment.  After accounting for 64 duplications, 748 were 'properly made submissions' and 93 were not 'properly made submissions', in accordance with the SPA.

The Loganholme Local Plan Amendment Submission Analysis and Response Report (PDF 7161 KB)provides details about the consultation process, community feedback, and Council's response to community feedback.

Changes in revised Amendment

Community feedback resulted in a range of changes to the draft Amendment.

Key changes include:

  • Expressing maximum building heights in 'storeys' in addition to 'metres';
  • An increase in density for properties on Timor Avenue, previously in the Large lot precinct, to be consistent with the densities on the northern side of Timor Avenue;
  • The inclusion of six properties along Bryants Road into the adjoining Bryants Road Local Centre Precinct;
  • Rationalising the reconfiguring a lot provisions to include the relevant matters in the Reconfiguring a Lot Code;
  • Refinements to the boundary of the local plan area, to reflect existing approvals;
  • Clarification of provisions regarding stormwater easements, that were not reflected in the public consultation version of the draft Amendment, and the inclusion of waterway mapping to provide further guidance regarding stormwater management;  and
  • A range of refinements to ensure consistency with the Logan Planning Scheme 2015.

The Explanatory Report (PDF 6614 KB) documents the proposed changes to the draft Logan Planning Scheme 2015 Loganholme Local Plan Amendment (the draft Amendment), following public consultation.  The report provides the information required under Steps 7.6 and 7.7, section 2.4A of Statutory Guideline 04/14 Making and amending local planning instruments.

Additional technical studies

Since the Plan was endorsed in May 2013, Council commissioned further transport and stormwater studies to guide the detailed development of the area and to inform the Amendment. These studies provide further guidance regarding future transport and stormwater requirements for the area as it develops.

The transport study provides guidance on:

  • Future road and intersection requirements to accommodate growth in the area
  • The best methods to manage traffic and parking in the area
  • Pedestrian and vehicular connectivity within and to key locations outside the area

An addendum to the transport study has considered the implications of proposed changes to provide business opportunities in the Osborne Court area.

The stormwater study provides guidance on the optimal method to manage stormwater within the area as it develops.