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Loganholme Neighbourhood Planning

On 12 November 2012, Council released the draft Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan for community consultation. The consultation period closed on 7 December 2012. 

Thank you for your feedback.

Council endorsed the Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan on 28 May 2013.

All those who made submissions on the draft plan will be responded to in writing and all other residents and land owners in the study area will be informed by letter of Council's decision.

Copies of the plan and submission report will be made available in all Council libraries and customer service centres.

The plan provides a framework to guide development for the area over the next 20+ years and proposes:

  • A likely increase of approximately 1,800 dwellings to house around 4,100 residents;
  • A range of residential densities, from existing low density uses through to townhouses and apartments;
  • A maximum building height of three storeys in residential areas;
  • Approximately 21ha of land for commercial and retail uses, including a mixed use precinct on Bismark Street; and
  • A 20ha environment precinct to protect the area's waterways and environmental values, and to control development in areas at risk of flooding.

Community feedback 

The feedback received from the community resulted in a range of changes to the draft plan.

Key changes include:

  • Changes to the environment precinct;
  • The addition of a new, large lot precinct;
  • Updated flood mapping and changes to the flood affected precinct;
  • Provision for an additional technical study (stormwater), as a part of the planning scheme amendment process; and
  • Identifying the location of a flying fox colony with reference to relevant state and federal government legislation.

The Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan Submission Analysis and Response Report provides details about the consultation process, community feedback, and Council's response to community feedback.

 Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan Submission Analysis and Response Report

Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan

This document is the full version of the Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan.

Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan

(Please note: this is the full plan. It is a large document which may take some time to download. Individual sections of the paln are available for download below.)

Or download individual chapters of the plan:

 Land Use Map

Endorsed Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan Land Use Map (PDF 1244 KB)

Other documentation

The Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan is supported by a number of technical studies that provide more details and guidance on a range of matters.

 Project overview and timeline

 Project Overview Diagram

Loganholme project timeline

Next steps

The endorsed Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan is Council’s policy for the development of the area.

The next step is to use the plan to inform an amendment to Logan’s planning scheme. This will involve translating the plan into relevant zones and planning scheme provisions. The detailed provisions will be subject to formal state review and further consultation in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Additional transport and stormwater studies will also be undertaken during the planning scheme amendment process.

Further, the endorsed plan may now be given appropriate weight in assessing development applications in the area.

Further information

For further information on the Loganholme Neighbourhood Plan, please contact us by:

Phone: (07) 3412 4247



Logan City Council
Strategy & Planning Branch
PO Box 3226
Logan City DC QLD 4114


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