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Meadowbrook Master Plan

The Meadowbrook Master Plan was endorsed by Council on 6 December 2016 and describes how Council and a range of stakeholders propose to create a place focused on health, education and wellbeing. It provides a vision and detail surrounding existing conditions, key recommendations, and overarching principles that seek to create a healthy and social environment by connecting people to their place and community.

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Why is a master plan required?

Council has prepared a master plan for Meadowbrook to:

  • Create a healthy and social community
  • Realise the full potential of key activity generators
  • Address the fragmentation caused by major roads and public transport corridors
  • Create an environment that attracts business and private investment.

The master plan is founded and guided by four urban design themes:

  1. Collaboration and creativity
  2. Context and custodianship
  3. Connections
  4. Choice and character

The master plan details how seven strategies of governance, public realm centre, public realm edge, social infrastructure, access and movement, land use and built form bring these themes to life at Meadowbrook.

Stakeholder consultation

Watch a short video clip used for community consultation to see how Council proposes to use seven strategies to guide the revitalisation of Meadowbrook.


Community consultation commenced on 1 July 2016 and closed on the 12 August 2016. In addition to a media event, a total of seven (7) community open days were held at various locations across Meadowbrook. Consultation events were held in parallel with the first official ‘Park Run’ event at Riverdale Park and a ‘Neighbourhood Walk’ event was held with the Heart Foundation.

Thirty submissions were received from the community, with much of the feedback providing overall support for the vision of the masterplan. Concerns raised by the community were considered and used to make amendments to the final master plan.

The feedback received from the community, Council’s response and amendments made to the master plan are summarised in Council’s report Consideration of Submissions and Final Meadowbrook Master Plan   (PDF 463 KB) and the Submission Analysis and Review Report. (PDF 1100 KB)

A collaborative planning process has also occurred between Council, the Queensland State Government, Logan Hospital and Griffith University (GU). This partnership has led to the alignment of the master plan with:

Queensland State GovernmentMetro South Health Services
Meadowbrook Economic Development Strategy and Structure Plan (PDF 7289 KB) prepared by the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and PlanningLogan Hospital Master Plan   (PDF 1179 KB) prepared by Metro South Health services

Meadowbrook Economic Development Strategy

Logan Hospital Master Plan

A summary of these planning documents are attached to the back end of the Meadowbrook master plan document as Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.  A full copy of the Meadowbrook economic development strategy and structure plan can be obtained from the Department of Local Government, Infrastructure and Planning website.

Background studies

A suite of background studies was undertaken at an early stage of the draft master plan process.  Key principles and findings contained within these supporting documents have informed the development of the draft master plan. These documents include:

Frequently asked questions

A set of frequently asked questions and answers   (PDF 170 KB)has been developed to provide more information about the planning processes affecting Meadowbrook.

Next steps

The Meadowbrook Master Plan is an approved non-statutory document which articulates Council's vision for this area and can be used as a guideline for development assessment purposes. Following Council’s endorsement of the final master plan, the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 will be amended to give statutory weight to the outcomes embedded within the master plan. This planning scheme amendment will be in the form of a Meadowbrook Local Area Plan to be released for public consultation in the future in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

Council is now developing an implementation plan to facilitate the delivery of key priority projects and realise the overall objectives of the Meadowbrook Master Plan.