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Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy

The City of Logan is positioned within the metro-sub-region of South East Queensland and, like similar major capital city-regions elsewhere in Australia, is undergoing significant change.   With regard to the economy and job market, the retail sector is evolving in response to technological change (e.g. e-commerce), and the services sector (e.g. health and education) is becoming increasingly important as a source of employment.

In response to these challenges, Council embarked in 2017 on a process of developing a Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy for the City of Logan.


The purpose of the Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy is to:

  • ensure that the City of Logan continues to provide sufficient land to support job creation, business expansion and attraction that is appropriate for the city;
  • facilitate a more proactive approach to employment land use planning to cater for anticipated employment growth and industries of the future over the next 20 years;
  • provide Council with a clearly defined set of directions to promote and facilitate the development of mixed use and industry lands;
  • give effect to the employment planning baselines for Logan in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (ShapingSEQ);
  • give effect to Council's Industry Development and Investment Attraction Strategy 2016-2021 (PDF 2443 KB);
  • inform future reviews of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (LPS) and Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP); and
  • provide certainty for business, investors and the community about Council's plans for mixed use and industrial development.

Process and Progress

The process of developing a Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy comprises of three stages, outlined in the table below along with an indication of progress.


1. Employment Lands Needs Assessment


Stage 1 produced the Employment Lands Study Report and the Industrial Lands Study Report (PDF 1765 KB), which together form the basis of an Employment Lands Needs Assessment.  The two studies reveal that there is an oversupply of mixed use lands and an undersupply of 'market-ready' low impact and medium impact industry lands in Logan. The mixed use zone allows for too many uses, some conflicting, with industry suggesting that this adds complexity and discourages investment.  There is a need to work with industry to review, readjust and restore a high performing ’market-ready’ industrial land bank that is responsive to changes that are already occurring.

2. Industry & Mixed Use Lands Review


Stage 2 involves a review of all mixed use, low impact industry and medium impact industry lands across the City of Logan. The views of and input from industry are being sought as a basis to develop criteria to assess the performance of industry lands across the city. Council will be embarking on a targeted research project with local and regional businesses to gain a better understanding of their decision making process in seeking a location for their business, and whether the availability of land in Logan meets these requirements.  This will be used in conjunction with the findings of the reviews of the mixed use, low impact and medium impact industry lands across the city to inform Stage 3.

3.  Strategy Development

(start early 2019)

Stage 3 focuses on option and strategy development, and will conclude with the drafting of a Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy for the City of Logan, including an implementation program and key indicators to measure success.   This work is set to commence in early 2019, with the release of a final Employment Lands Strategy anticipated later in 2019.

For more information about the Next Generation Employment Lands Strategy please:

Further information about Logan's workforce, industries and more is available in the city's Economy Profile.