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Springwood Summit Outcomes

Springwood Summit

The purpose of The Springwood Summit was to bring together urban leaders to help contribute to the city’s aspirations of transitioning from a "project-led" investment mindset, to one of "place-led", which is supported by a deep commitment to collaboration with business, investors, practitioners and the community. This includes an active silo busting agenda, and scrubbing out the politics of planning we are so used to, by including deep commitment from key stakeholders outside of the city bureaucracy.

At the conclusion of the summit events and consultation period, a total of 190 people summited 484 ideas on a future Springwood. These ideas were then categorised in the following four themes in accordance with the summit themes to provide a summary of the Springwood Summit Outcomes (PDF 917 KB).

Council approved

On 14th March 2017, Council endorsed the implementation for the 10 primary actions and 30 initiatives that were identified from the Springwood Summit:

A.    A reduction in infrastructure charges for in the Centre core and Commercial precinct of the Springwood Local Plan as identified in the Logan Planning Scheme 2015:

  1. where the development:
    • is for an office:
      • the minimum gross floor area is 1,000 m2; and
      • there is an active frontage with a Shop or Food and drink use at the ground floor;
    • is for a mixed use development:
      • the minimum gross floor of office is 500 m2;
      • there are 10 or more Multiple dwellings; and
      • there is an active frontage with a Shop or Food and drink use at the ground floor3contributes significant economic, aesthetic and community benefit to the local area and the City.
  2. The maximum infrastructure charges discount applied to any development will be $1,000,000.00.
  3. An infrastructure agreement will be executed at the time of the decision of the development.
  4. Development to commence within 12 months.
  5. Development to be completed and operational within 18 months of commencing of construction.

See Amended Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 6) 2017

B.    Future amendment of the Springwood Local Plan to:

  1. Remove the requirement for prescriptive rates of car parking for development where located in the Centre core precinct or the Commercial precinct.
  2. Change the local plan boundary and create the following new precincts:
    1. include Lowe Oval and the residential area west of Sports Drive and south of Springwood Road on the western side of the M1 Highway;
    2. include Springwood Park and the residential area south of Cinderella Drive, the area west of Dennis Road and around Laurinda Crescent;
    3. include the area immediately south of the existing Springwood Local Plan boundary to the Watland Street overpass.                                                                                                    
  3. Amend the purpose of the local plan code to reflect the relaxation of height controls in the Centre core or Commercial precinct subject to demonstrated design excellence, enhanced identity and wayfinding.

(Amendment of the Springwood Local Plan will be undertaken in line with the provisions of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and Statutory Guideline 01/16: Making and amending local planning instruments.)

Next steps

  • Council will now further develop the summit actions, finalise project briefs, timelines and budgets and incorporate all actions into the draft Springwood Implementation Plan.
  • The final stage would be the delivery of the Council endorsed actions as funds and resourcing are made available. Some of these activities are in the early stages of development and may need further review. These actions and initiatives will also be refined and included in the draft Springwood Implementation plan.