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Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing and drainage works, both domestic and commercial, may involve approvals, inspections, as constructed plans and on-site sewerage facilities. Information, forms and links are provided below. For further assistance please contact Council.

To check if a property has been created in Council's system, search for it in PD Online. If you are looking for building plans and documents for a Logan-based home, multiple dwelling or commercial building, see Drainage Plans Online.

Lodging applications, notifications & certificates

To lodge a Form 1 plumbing and drainage (includes onsite sewerage facility) application please click on the following link.

Lodge online

For further information please refer to the fact sheet (PDF 134 KB) or Application Lodgement.

To view online the applications you have previously lodged (since 1 July 2018), please see My Plumbing and Drainage Applications.

Type of work or document Requirements

Commercial - alternative/performance solution

(Note: please contact Plumbing Services for guidance on lodgements on 3412 4840)

Please complete the Plumbing and Drainage Alternative Solution Submission form (PDF 36 KB) and submit to Council for approval.


(Note: online lodgement is not available for this service)

Please use the Form 5 Commissioning Report for a visual compliance inspection of plumbing and drainage installations.

Notifiable Minor Work

The state government requires a Notifiable Minor Work (Form 4) to be lodged with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) for any notifiable minor work under the Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019. For further information please contact the QBCC on 139 333.

Notification of a responsible person (Form 7)

A notification of responsible person form (Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018) is to be completed and signed by a licensed plumber, drainer or contractor and returned to Council before commencement of the installation and 24 hours prior to booking inspections. To notify Council of the responsible person, the following needs to be undertaken:

  1. Complete a (Form 7) Notification of Responsible Person form (to be signed by a licensed plumber, drainer or contractor)

Backflow prevention devices

(Note: online lodgement is not available for this service)

To notify Council of the installation of a backflow device, submit a copy of Form 4 and Form 9 (refer to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for notifiable work).

If Council approves the installation of a backflow device, an annual licence from Plumbing Services is required and a registration fee is payable. For further information, please phone 07 3412 5269.

To decommission a backflow prevention device, the following needs to be undertaken:

  1. Submit a copy of Form 4 (refer to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for notifiable work.
  2. Submit a Form 9 to Council ( refer to Department of House and Public Works )

Fees and payment

Applicable fees are payable at the time of lodgement according to Councils fees and charges (all fee and charges are automatically generated through Council's online lodgement process) Fees and Charges Schedule (PDF 7445 KB).

As constructed plans

As Constructed Plans show the location and physical details of the installed below-ground sanitary drainage system (pipes) within a residential or commercial property, including the connections from the fixtures on the property (e.g. toilets, sink) to the sewer infrastructure connection point, or the treatment plant in the case of a non-sewered area.

Free online access to the plans Council holds is available via the As Constructed Plans Online portal. This service includes sewer, water, stormwater and roof water as constructed plans.

View online

Please note:

  • In some circumstances, due to local government amalgamations, Logan City Council may not have plans available for properties located in the areas in the city's south formerly administered by the Beaudesert and Gold Coast councils. This includes all records prior to 1995 for the former Beaudesert Shire Council.
  • If plans are not available online, please contact Council on 07 3412 3412, or email your request to Council will investigate and advise whether records are available for the property - please allow 5-10 working days. If there is no information available for a particular property, the property owner may need to engage a licensed plumbing contractor to locate on-site the installed sanitary drainage pipes.
  • For more information about the online service please refer to the fact sheet (PDF 81 KB).

As Constructed Plans drawing template (PDF 186 KB)


Booking an inspection

Booked inspections are available from Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm. To book a plumbing inspection, call Council on 07 3412 4840 between 8am and 5pm. Please note:

  • Alternative inspection times, outside normal office hours, may be requested but will incur an additional fee.
  • For next day inspections, bookings must be made by 12pm (noon) the day prior.
  • To change an inspection time, one hour notice prior to the inspection is required.
  • Council's Plumbing Services Unit charges an application fee (PDF 7445 KB) for all regulated plumbing work. The fee covers the assessment and normal inspection costs, but does not guarantee approval.
  • Inspections that are booked but not attended when required, or the work is not complete for inspection, incur a re-inspection fee (PDF 7445 KB). A new inspection time must be booked and a fee payable in advance.

On-site sewerage facilities