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Standard Drawings

The Logan Planning Scheme 2015 (in Schedule 6, Planning Scheme Policy 5-Infrastructure) identifies the standard drawings to be used to ensure that development adheres to the required standards for planning, design, location and construction of infrastructure.

Please refer to the lists below to access the drawings. You may be redirected to other websites for some content.

Movement infrastructure

Cross sections

Road cross sections - access functions

Road cross sections - collector function

Road cross sections - arterial function

Road cross sections - multi-modal function

Verge cross sections

Acoustic fence design

Public utilities



Kerb and channel

Kerb ramps

Road edge guide post

Guard rails and barriers





Bus stops

Refer to Translink Public Transport Infrastructure Manual

Parking area

Water & Sewerage infrastructure

The adopted design and service delivery standards for water and sewerage network construction and operations are provided below.

For further information on the Water and/or Sewerage infrastructure standard drawings, please contact the Water Development Services team on (07) 3412 4504 or email


For information on Landscaping standard drawings, please contact a Council planner on (07) 3412 5269 or email

Soft works

  • LCC 8-00204 Landscaping areas on verges plans and sections
  • LCC 8-00231 Organic matting details
  • LCC 8-00232 Turf mounding details
  • LCC 8-00233 Garden bed planting detail
  • LCC 8-00234 Mounding for mulched planting beds
  • LCC 8-00235 Shade trees to car parks
  • LCC 8-00236 and LCC 8-00237 Street tree planning detail and tree cage detail
  • LCC 8-00238 Car park planting detail
  • LCC 8-00239 Tubestocking detail (where natural regeneration is present)
  • LCC 8-00240 Tubestocking detail (where natural regeneration is not present)
  • LCC 8-00241 Vegetation protection detail


  • LCC 8-00242 Typical verge tree detail
  • LCC 8-00243 Flush concrete edging detail
  • LCC 8-00244 Brick paver edging detail
  • LCC 8-00245 Timber edging detail
  • LCC 8-00246 Spade edge to garden beds in bushland revegetation area
  • LCC 8-00247 Standard bollard detail
  • LCC 8-00248 Unit paving detail
  • LCC 8-00256 Locking post and rail detail

Stormwater infrastructure

Access chambers

Bedding and backfilling

Field inlet gully

Sediment controls

Inlets and outlets



Stormwater quality

For information on Stormwater quality standard drawings, please contact Council by email via