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Gold Coast Planning Scheme Version 1.2

The historic Gold Coast Planning Scheme commenced on 18 August 2003 and was superseded by the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 on 18 May 2015.


Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Desired Environmental Outcomes

Part 3 - Planning Strategy

Part 4 - Definitions

Part 5 - Domains

Division 2: Domains

Part 6 - Local Area Plans

Division 1: Introduction to Local Area Plans (PDF 360 KB)

Division 2: Local Area Plans

Part 7 - Codes

Division 1: Introduction to Codes (PDF 206 KB)

Division 2: Specific Development Codes

Division 3: Constraint Codes

Part 8 - Infrastructure

Part 9 - List of Planning Scheme Maps

Part 10 - Schedules



Context maps

Domain maps

Emerging Communities maps

Local Area Plans maps



Overlay maps

Rural Subdivision

Good Quality Agricultural Land

Heritage Buildings and Sites

Residential Density (areas outside LAPs)

Potential Bushfire Hazard Areas

Natural Wetland and Waterway Areas

Acid Sulfate Soil Hazard Areas

Pacific Motorway Service Road Types

Areas of Unstable Soils and Areas of Potential Land Slip Hazard

Natural Hazard (Flood) Management Areas

Stormwater Drainage Study Areas

Dam Catchment Areas

Conservation Strategy Plan

Public Open Space Management

Scenic Tourist Routes

Extractive Resources

Vegetation Protection Order

Planning Strategy maps

Priority Infrastructure Plan maps

Growth maps

Growth tables




Special Facilities maps

Planning Scheme Policies (PSPs)

Policy 3A - Policy for Infrastructure (Water Supply Network Developer Contributions) (PDF 1073 KB)

Policy 3B - Policy for Infrastructure (Sewerage Network Developer Contributions) (PDF 1152 KB)

Policy 4 - Development of Land Adjacent to or Within the Easements of High Voltage Transmission Lines (PDF 130 KB)

Policy 5 - Energy Conservation (Design for Climate) (PDF 261 KB)

Policy 6 - Entry Statements (PDF 168 KB)

Policy 8 - Guidelines for Ecological Assessments (PDF 1594 KB)

Policy 9 - Guidelines for Preparing Fire Management Plans (PDF 191 KB)

Policy 10 - Guidelines for Preparing Management Plans and Plans of Development (PDF 129 KB)

Policy 11 - Land Development Guidelines

Policy 12 - Landscape Strategy Part 1: Landscape Character: Guiding the Image of the City

Policy 13 - Landscape Strategy Part 2: Landscape Works Documentation Manual (PDF 1700 KB)

Policy 14 - Management of Activities Located within Areas (PDF 132 KB)

Policy 16 - Policy for Infrastructure (Recreation Facilities Network Developer Contributions) (PDF 404 KB)

Policy 17 - Site Analysis (PDF 255 KB)

Policy 18 - Using the Urban Design Bonus Provisions (Repealed) (PDF 190 KB)

Policy 19 - Policy for Infrastructure (Transport Network Developer Contributions) (PDF 177 KB)