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Code Compliance Tables for Overlay Codes

Code compliance tables have been prepared for all overlay codes.  These are in a MS Word format of the Logan planning scheme codes with a 'comments' column added in the tables.  These are a handy tool when preparing an application to ensure (and to also demonstrate) that all of the relevant parts of the planning scheme have been addressed.

Part 8Overlay code compliance tables
8.2.1Acid sulphate soils overlay code (MS WORD 46 KB)
8.2.2Biodiversity areas overlay code (MS WORD 49 KB)
8.2.3Bushfire hazard overlay code (MS WORD 53 KB)
8.2.4Extractive resources overlay code (MS WORD 49 KB)
8.2.5Flood hazard overlay code (MS WORD 56 KB)
8.2.6Greenbank Training Area buffer overlay code (MS WORD 46 KB)
8.2.7Heritage overlay code (MS WORD 46 KB)
8.2.8Landslide hazard and steep slopes area overlay code (MS WORD 47 KB)
8.2.9Regional infrastructure corridors and substations overlay code (MS WORD 47 KB)
8.2.10Strategic airport and environs overlay code (MS WORD 46KB)
8.2.11Water resource catchments overlay code (MS WORD 46 KB)
8.2.12Waterway corridors and wetlands overlay code (MS WORD 46 KB)