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Code Compliance Tables for Zone Codes

Code compliance tables have been prepared for all zone codes.  These are in a MS Word format of the Logan planning scheme codes with a 'comments' column added in the tables.  These are a handy tool when preparing an application to ensure (and to also demonstrate) that all of the relevant parts of the planning scheme have been addressed.

Part 6 Zone code compliance tables
6.2.1 Centre zone code (MS WORD 62 KB)
6.2.2 Community facilities zone code (MS WORD 56 KB)
6.2.3 Emerging community zone code (MS WORD 52 KB)
6.2.4 Environmental management and conservation zone code (MS WORD 55 KB)
6.2.5 Low density residential zone code (MS WORD 65 KB)
6.2.6 Low impact industry zone code (MS WORD 54 KB)
6.2.7 Low-medium density residential zone code (MS WORD 61 KB)
6.2.8 Medium density residential zone code (MS WORD 59 KB)
6.2.9 Medium impact industry zone (MS WORD 59 KB)
6.2.10 Mixed use zone code (MS WORD 606 KB)
6.2.11 Recreation and open space zone code (MS WORD 61 KB)
6.2.12 Rural zone code (MS WORD 6892 KB)
6.2.13 Rural residential zone code (MS WORD 60 KB)
6.2.14 Special purpose zone code (MS WORD 48 KB)
6.2.15 Specialised centre zone code (MS WORD 1045 KB)