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A convenient, reliable and safe transport network is vital to Logan’s community wellbeing and economic prosperity. A good transport system ensures people can access employment, essential services and participate in the life of the community.

To ensure we have a transport system that meets our future needs, Logan City Council is developing an Integrated Local Transport Plan (ILTP).

The ILTP will play a critical role in defining the strategic direction of Logan’s transport system through to 2041.

The ILTP will:

  • Identify short and long-term priorities for transport planning
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • Guide future network investment
  • Consider population growth and economic factors
  • Align with state government transport and land use plans and policies.

An efficient and integrated transport network will connect transport users, meet increasingly diverse demands on the transport system as well as increase productivity and improve community safety.

By presenting a holistic vision for Logan’s future transport vision, it will not only guide future Council investment decisions, but will also enable strong representation and advocacy to ensure Logan receives the services and infrastructure it needs.

Have your say

The needs of the community, industry and other transport users will be central to developing the ILTP.

To help identify the vision and priorities for the ILTP, a number of workshops were held in October 2017.

In addition to this, we are providing the community with an opportunity to particpate in an online survey about transportation. Analysis of your feedback is underway and will be made public soon.

There will be further consultation with the community in early 2018 once the draft ILTP is developed.

Working together

To ensure the ILTP addresses local needs and reflects new and emerging transport challenges, it will be delivered with input from key stakeholders, as well as the broader Logan community.

Queensland Government representatives will collaborate with Council on the ILTP through representation in the Technical Working Group.

The ILTP will reflect the community’s environmental, social and economic aspirations and will work towards the city’s vision of an Innovative, Dynamic, City of the Future.

For more information

For additional information about the ILTP please contact Council.