Pre-lodgement advice

Before lodging an application, you can get advice from us about your proposed development.

Pre-lodgement meetings

A pre-lodgement meeting is a free service we offer so that you can talk to us about your proposed development.

Before a pre-lodgement meeting, you will need to provide us with concept plans and supporting material about your proposed development.

The detail and accuracy of our advice will depend on the level of information you give to us before the meeting.

The following developments do not need a pre-lodgement meeting:

  • dwelling houses (including structures like sheds, extensions, carports and secondary dwellings)
  • dual occupancies (includes auxiliary units)
  • reconfiguring a lot (one lot into two lots)
  • home-based businesses.

For more information about pre-lodgement meetings, please download our Pre-lodgement meetings fact sheet (PDF 177 KB).

To request a pre-lodgement meeting, please:

Letters of advice

You can request written advice about some development activities, including:

  • motor dealers investigation
  • liquor licensing
  • weapons dealer licence
  • confirmation of the existing use of the premises
  • confirmation of land-use definition under a planning scheme
  • category of development and assessment of a proposed development.

To request a letter of advice, please:

We will respond within 10 business days.

Generally in accordance applications

To make a minor change to the approved plans for a development application, you can lodge a generally in accordance application.

To lodge a generally in accordance application, please:

To change or remove a condition of development, please see Changing a development approval.

Superseded planning scheme requests

To request for a development to be assessed under a superseded planning scheme, please fill in the Request to apply a superseded planning scheme Form (PDF 82 KB) and return it to us with payment - please see Application forms and lodgement, and Fees, charges and payments.

For more information, please download Queensland Government - Request to apply a superseded planning scheme fact sheet (PDF 270KB).

To view current, superseded and historic planning schemes for the City of Logan, please see Logan Planning Scheme.