Resource recovery and/or waste disposal services

Logos from the City of Logan, City of Ipswich and Redland City Council.

Over the last decade, waste management has changed and the policy environment continues to evolve. We now focus on a resource recovery approach that values waste as a usable resource. Instead of burying waste in landfill, councils are looking for ways to manage waste to achieve the best balance of environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Councils are seeking to align their waste management targets with the Queensland Government by moving towards a zero-waste society and enabling a circular economy.

Councils are also working together across south-east Queensland (SEQ) to develop an SEQ Waste Management Plan. We will continue to consider where solutions are best delivered at regional, sub-regional or individual levels.

By exploring a combined sub-regional approach to waste management services, our councils may be able to identify waste management solutions that would not be available to each council individually.

Queensland Government Waste Strategy

For information on the Queensland Government’s recycling and waste strategy and their energy from waste policy, please visit the Queensland Government website.