School water education resources

We want to inspire students to work towards a sustainable water future.

Lesson plans and activity sheets

Our water education lesson plans and activity sheets are ideal for prep to Year 7 students. Lesson plans highlight the value of water and cover five topics:

  • water as a valuable resource
  • sources of water
  • using water wisely
  • alternative water sources – recycled water and desalination
  • sustainability.

We hope you enjoy these fun and educational activities and welcome you to share your photos or stories with us. Please email

Free printable crowns

Download and print our free printable crown decals. After you print them, cut them out and attach them to a headband.

Educational books

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water have released two printable children’s books about how important water is:

The books help teach these key messages:

  • water is precious
  • water is continually reused
  • we all need to use water wisely
  • before we use water at home, it is treated so that it is safe to use
  • sewage that goes down drains is treated so that it can be safely released into the environment
  • it is harmful to put certain things into the water system through the toilet or the drain
  • we are all responsible for making sure only the right things go down drains, sinks and toilets.

You can also use the Guideline for use – Whizzy's new adventures: journey through the pipes to help you grow children's understanding of water and its importance in the environment.

Educational water websites

You can find more educational resources for students on the SEQ Water website.