These classes help you to learn more about your body and mind. Learn life coping strategies and how to feel happy, healthy, connected and purposeful.

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Health Coaching

My Health for Life Register for 6 free sessions via the website. Health Coaching

Various activities for a stronger mental wellbeing

Queensland Government Strong mental wellbeing gives you resilience in the face of life’s challenges and is something we can all benefit from. Fortunately, you can improve your mental wellbeing by making small changes to your daily routine. Activities for a stronger mental wellbeing

Learn a language for free

DuoLingo Learn another language. There’s a variety of languages to choose from. Learn a language for free - DuoLingo

Breath Awareness Meditation

InsightTimer In this short breath awareness meditation we use a counting technique to help us stay anchored to the breath. Perfect for beginners or busy minds. Breath Awareness counting

One Minute Meditation

InsightTimer Relax and witness the stress melt away. One Minute Meditation

10-minute meditation exercise

Headspace Are you feeling overwhelmed, scattered, anxious, drained or maybe all of the above? Meditation allows us to pause and reframe our perspective so that we can learn to experience a greater sense of calm, relaxation, clarity, and focus in our lives. And you can start with just 10 minutes right now. 10-Minute Meditation


Craft Box Easy origami ideas that anyone can make including butterflies, hearts and more. You will need paper, scissors and glue.

Cute and Easy Origami ideas anyone can make

Online games for seniors Seniors Online

Keep your mind active with these online games.

Online games for seniors
Volunteer with Care Army Emergency Volunteering

Want to give back to your community? 

Register as a Volunteer

Logan's e-library

Logan Libraries Access Logan City Council's online e-resource library. Logan's e-library resources
Knitting for beginners Hobby Lobby

Learn knitting basics, such as how to knit stitch and how to cast on when knitting.

Knitting for beginners
How to make a beeswax wrap Simply Klaire Learn how to make beeswax wraps at home as a great alternative to cling film. How To Make A Beeswax Wrap
Eco-friendly projects to try at home Buzzfeed Nifty 

Ever wanted to try growing your own herbs or making your own eco-friendly cleaning products? 

Try these projects and more at home with this great video.    

5 DIY Projects That Will Help You Be More Eco-Friendly