Ordinary Council


Chairperson: Mayor Pam Parker
Members: All councillors

Refer to Calendar of Meetings - July to December 2015 (PDF 49 KB) and Calendar of Meetings - January to June 2015 (PDF 52 KB)for upcoming meetings.

List of items

View the Ordinary Council List of Items (PDF 41 KB).


View the Ordinary Council Agenda (PDF 7523 KB).


Minutes for Ordinary Council meetings are available below for 12 months following each meeting.

Terms of reference

View the Terms of Reference (PDF 31 KB).


Members of the community may lodge a petition with Council regarding any matter in which they have an interest.  For example, they may request the alteration of the general law.  If you would like to arrange a petition to Council, please read the Petition Information Sheet (PDF 17 KB) for details on petition requirements and lodgement procedures.  To obtain a petition form please contact the Governance Branch on (07) 3412 5463, visit the Logan City Council Administration Centre located at 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central or click here (PDF 22 KB).