Disasters & Emergencies

Get Ready Logan

Like the rest of Australia, Logan is not immune to the threat of natural disasters such as floods, bushfires, and severe storms. However, there are a number of common sense steps everyone can take to minimise the threat these events pose to people, animals and property.

Refer to the Disaster Management in Logan brochure for information on how to Prepare for an Emergency that is available in the following languages:


How to prepare for Logan's potential bushfires, and what you can do during and after a bushfire.

Disaster Management Plan

Council's plan that provides direction for the Local Disaster Management Group to respond to disasters and emergency situations.

Emergency Contacts List

Contact list for services in the event of an emergency.


Find out answers to commonly asked questions about evacuations.


What to do to prepare for floods, what you can do during a flood and afterwards.


What you can do to avoid heat stress at home and when you're out and about.

Hendra Virus

Find out more information about the Hendra virus. Includes links to the Queensland Health and Biosecurity Queensland websites.


Landslides, while infrequent in Logan, are potential dangers. This information is about tell-tale signs for ground movement, and what you can during and after landslides.

Logan City Emergency & Disaster Alliance

Who we are, what we are about and how to contact us.

Looking After Pets

What you can do to look after your pet during an emergency.

Preparing for an Emergency

How you can develop an emergency plan and put together an emergency kit to prepare for an emergency.


Find out where residents can go for sandbags during storms or floods.

State Emergency Service (SES)

The State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer based organisation that provides support to the community in times of emergency and disaster.


How to prepare for a storm well in advance, and also what to do when a storm or cyclone is approaching.