Pet registration

Our pet registration period is from 1 September to 31 August each year. Renewal notices are issued in August each year. Please do not pay your pet’s registration renewal before you have received your notice. You can renew your pet's registration online.

How to register your cat or dog

All cats and dogs 12 weeks and over must be registered.

To register your cat or dog, you will need to provide:

  • your animal’s microchip number
  • proof of desexing (if applicable) - make sure you have this with you when you register them
  • your Pension Concession Card or Department of Veterans Affairs Card (if applicable)
  • your current membership card from a recognised cat or dog association (if applicable).

You can register a new pet in the following ways:

Updating your pet registration details

If you move address or change your phone number, it is important to let us know. Correct contact details could help us reunite you with your pet if it becomes lost.

To update your contact details, or tell us if one of your pets is no longer residing at the property, fill in our online form, email us at or call us on 07 3412 3412.

How to Nominate Someone to Act on Your Behalf

Sometimes pet owners would like other members of their family or friends to act, speak or access information on their behalf. If you want to give access to someone else, we need the pet owner to give us this authority by filling in our Authority to act form.

Please return your completed application and documentation to us by:

  • email to
  • mail addressed to: Logan City Council, PO Box 3226 Logan Central DC QLD 4114,
  • or in person at any of our customer service centres.

Pet registration fees 2024 / 2025



Desexed cat or dog 


Entire cat or dog 


Entire kitten or puppy (under 12 months of age). Discounted fees only apply to the first registration period. 


Desexed cat or dog - pensioner 


Entire cat or dog - pensioner 


Desexed cat or dog - Member of recognised association 


Entire cat or dog - Member of recognised association 


Government entity dog (Police, Corrective Services, Customs or drug detection dog). 
We do not require an animal registration form for these dogs. 

No charge

Approved assistance dog (for people with disability) 

Animal registrations are required for these dogs.  

No charge

Regulated menacing desexed dog 


Regulated dangerous desexed dog 


Discounted pet registration fees (pensioners and animal association membership)

You can receive a discount on your pet registration if:

  • your cat or dog is desexed
  • you hold a valid and current Pension Concession Card (this will need to be shown when paying your pet registration)
  • you are a current financial member of a recognised association:
    • Dogs Queensland (formerly Canine Control Council of Queensland)
    • Queensland Feline Association Inc.
    • Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc.
    • Queensland Independent Cat Council Inc.

Pet registration renewals

Our registration period is from 1 September to 31 August each year. You will receive a renewal in August each year. We only offer yearly renewals.

Pro-rata fees only apply when you register a new animal between 1 March and 31 August each year. If your pet was living on your property before 1 March, you will need to pay the full registration fee – the pro-rata fee will not apply.

You can pay your pet registration renewal in the following ways:

Transfer of pet ownership and registration

If you have recently moved to Logan, you will need to register your pet with us.

If your pet is currently registered with another council in Queensland, you can apply for a reciprocal registration. This means we can register your pet without a fee until the end of our registration period.

To register for reciprocal registration, please download and fill in the pet registration form (PDF 970 KB) and return it to us. You will need to give us evidence of your pet's registration with another council (e.g. registration paperwork).

To transfer pet ownership and registration, please download and fill in the Application for transfer of ownership for animal registration (PDF 224 KB) and return to us.

To transfer your registration from one animal to another animal, please download and fill in the Application for transfer of registration between cats and dogs (PDF 219 KB) and return to us.

Animal registration tags

When you register your cat or dog for the first time, you will receive a registration tag.

Please clip the registration tag to your cat or dog's collar at all times. This registration tag is for the lifetime of your pet.

If you lose or damage a tag, please request a new tag online.