Committees and meetings

Council’s committee meetings are currently being held at the Logan Entertainment Centre. Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) social gathering restrictions space is extremely limited. Audio from the meeting will be available on our YouTube page. 

We hold many different committee meetings at Logan City Council.

Each committee meeting has an agenda. The committee considers each item on the agenda and makes a recommendation. Recommendations are then considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting.

At the Ordinary Council meeting Council will adopt resolutions which are the final decision. Resolutions are subject to confirmation at the next Ordinary Council meeting.

Meeting calendar

A list of meeting dates and times is available to download:

Video and audio recordings

Ordinary Council meetings are live-streamed to the public from Council’s YouTube channel. Video recordings from Ordinary Council meetings are available on our YouTube page.

Our committee meetings are also audio-recorded. To hear the audio of a committee meeting email your request to

Reports, agendas and minutes

You can view agendas and minutes for Council and committee meetings on our eScribe website.

Agendas and minutes from the last 12 months that are not available on eScribe can be downloaded from the pages linked below:

Reports are available in the agenda. Reports classified as confidential under section 275 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 may not be available to the public.

For more information or help to find agendas and minutes, call our Corporate Governance branch on 07 3412 5463.

Local Government and Committee Meeting Code

The local government and committee meeting code (PDF 1.1 MB) provides rules for the orderly and proper conduct of all council meetings.

Archived agendas and minutes

Archived agendas and minutes from 1979 are available at the Queensland State Archives.

Queensland State Archives
435 Compton Road

Phone: 07 3131 7777