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The Electoral Commission has completed its review of our divisional boundaries on 13 December 2019. 

To find out which division you are in, you can download our Logan City Council Divisions Map (PDF 278 KB)


Name of elected candidate


Mayor Darren Power
Division 1 Councillor

Lisa Bradley
Division 2 Councillor

Teresa Lane

Division 3 Councillor

Mindy Russell

Division 4 Councillor

Laurie Koranski

Division 5 Councillor

Jon Raven

Division 6 Councillor

Tony Hall

Division 7 Councillor

Tim Frazer

Division 8 Councillor

Jacob Heremaia

Division 9 Councillor

Scott Bannan

Division 10 Councillor

Miriam Stemp

Division 11 Councillor

Natalie Willcocks

Division 12 Councillor

Karen Murphy