Sharps are objects or devices having sharp points or cutting edges that are capable of causing a penetrating injury. Find out more about sharps disposal bins and handling sharps on the following pages or download the Safe Sharps Disposal (PDF 349 KB) brochure.

For information about community sharps management in Logan refer to Council's Health planning information.

Disposal Locations

Community sharps bins are for the disposal of community sharps containers. The locations of community sharps bins in Logan are provided.

Finding a Used Syringe

What to do if you find a used syringe.

Needle Stick Injuries

What to do if you have a needle stick injury and who you should contact for advice on testing, counselling and immunisation.

Report Sharps Sightings

Council would appreciate any sightings of sharps/needles you may have seen in Logan.

Where to Obtain Sharps Containers

Organisations and their contact details for where you can obtain or purchase sharps containers.