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From 1 July 2016 Pet Owners can receive their annual Animal Registration Renewal by email. SMS notifications will be distributed to every known owner during the last two weeks of June 2016. The SMS message will invite Owners to register to receive Renewal Notices by email.

We envisage that a number of Owners will be concerned about this SMS being SPAM - it is not. To ensure your privacy every message will be sent using a personalised URL (PURL). The PURL looks very much like a website address with a unique number at the end of it. This is specific to each owner and their registered mobile phone number.

When you receive the SMS and want to 'Opt In' to receive email renewals, click the link which will redirect you to a microsite. Simply:

  1. Enter your Surname in the blank field and click 'Check my details'
  2. You will be redirected to a secondary page which is pre-populated with your mobile number only. Please enter your personal details (address, email and phone contacts) to confirm that we have your most current details on file. Click 'Confirm My Details'.

You are now registered for eRenewal. Keep an eye on your Inbox for your registration renewal notice.

Owners not wishing to 'Opt In' for eRenewal have 3 options to 'Opt Out'.

  1. Simply Reply 'N" via SMS
  2. Click the 'Opt Out' check box on page 2 of the microsite; or
  3. Simply don't respond. Owners who don't respond will automatically be sent a mailed renewal notice.

Things to consider

Is your pet registered in multiple names? Try all surnames if the system is unable to match your details.

Have you changed your address or email details? Please ensure you update your new details on page 2 of the microsite.

Do you own multiple animals? You will receive one message for each animal registered. We apologise for any frustration this may cause. New systems always flag improvements which we intend on making for future renewal projects. Thank you for your patience.

Animal keeping

Do you know the type and number of animals you can keep on your property? Logan City Council has Animal Keeping Local Laws. These cover such things as the number of cats, dogs, livestock or poultry you may keep based on the size of your property. Pet owners must also ensure their animals do not harm humans, the environment or cause nuisance at any time. Be sure to check what animals you can keep on your property using the links below or telephone 3412 5397 as restrictions apply and approvals may be required.

Animal Management Strategy

Logan's 2013-2018 Animal Management Strategy identifies the key issues impacting the community and provides five strategic directions for animal management to be achieved over four years: