Animal Management Centre video transcript

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Video starts with a black car parking in the Animal Management Centre Carpark

A lady gets out of the car and walks towards a fence with a Logan City Council saying Dog sales, find your new best friend here!

She walks towards the fence and puts her hand on the fence. A black dog is shown running out of a dog door in one of the new kennels. The kennel has a blue bed and a water container and a grassed area. The lady is smiling as the dog runs toward her on the other side of the fence.

The lady is shown walking down a concrete path with a yellow line and then past a fenced area with a Logan City Council sign saying Cat sales, find your new best friend here! She is then shown in an office where an Animal Management Officer is handing her a ginger coloured adult cat wearing a pink collar. She is holding and patting the cat under its chin.

She then walks past a sign saying Logan City Council sign saying Animal Management Centre with an arrow pointing to the office.

She walks through the door of the office, there are chairs, a TV on the wall saying Welcome to the Animal Management Centre with a picture of a grey cat and a counter with a chair and glass screen.

She walks towards the counter where she meets an officer on the other side of the glass ready to help with her enquiry. She sits down on the chair and then starts to converse with the officer in a happy and friendly manner.

A black and white cat then then shown in one of the cat enclosures on a cat tower with a green toy.

The Logan City Council logo is displayed.

End of transcript.