Responding to a disaster

In a disaster, you need up-to-date and accurate information. Good information will help you take action and respond to protect your family, pets and home.

Our Disaster Dashboard provides useful information during a disaster in Logan. It provides up-to-date information about:

  • road hazards
  • weather warnings
  • power outages
  • evacuation centres
  • river heights.

The Bureau of Meteorology or other agencies may issue emergency warnings. These warnings are available on our Disaster Dashboard. Warnings encourage people to prepare for the potential impacts of severe weather.

During a disaster you should:

  • listen to your radio (listen to River FM 94.9FM, 101FM or ABC radio 612AM) and/or the television for the latest information and warnings
  • listen for the Standard Emergency Warning System (SEWS), which is a siren played on the radio or television for various emergencies
  • check the Bureau of Meteorology for weather warnings
  • check the Disaster Dashboard for local information
  • act quickly on any advice given to ensure your family, pets and home are safe