Disaster education

We have created a disaster education and preparation unit plan for Year Five students. It provides teachers with disaster-management information and resources.

The disaster unit plan links to the Year Five humanities and social sciences Australian curriculum. It includes:

  • lesson plans
  • worksheets
  • challenge activities
  • posters
  • a word and board game.

Educating students about natural disasters and hazards will:

  • increase children’s safety during emergencies
  • encourage students to identify the risks that come with natural disasters.

Unit outline

The disaster education unit outline (PDF 454 KB) contains:

  • a brief overview of each lesson
  • related resources
  • relevant Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority codes and achievement standards.

Lesson plans


These worksheets support the lesson plans and make sure program is interactive for students.

Activities, games and challenges

Use the following resources to create interactive learning opportunities for students.