Mow your grass, be a lawn legend!

A lawn mower cutting overgrown grass

Most residents take good care of their properties. This includes mowing their grass and pruning overhanging trees and shrubs. 

Did you know?

Overgrown grass (over 450 millimetres) not only makes your property look unloved it can be a cause of complaint? It can also be a fire hazard and harbour vermin. 

Be a lawn legend by keeping your front and rear lawns mown. This will help to reduce any amenity concerns as well as keep our city looking tidy.  

Fire hazards

Grass fires can light easily, especially in the hotter months when the grass tends to be dry. Grass fires spread quickly and can be a real threat to your home and neighbouring property. Large amounts of vegetation like mulch, compost or grass clippings piled up in your yard, can add to the fire risk. 

We recommend you remove any vegetation or accumulations longer than two metres in width or length. We’re forecast to have another hot, dry summer this year. Don’t put your property or your neighbours as risk. Be a lawn legend and mow overgrown grass and reduce accumulations to decrease your risk of fire.


Long unkept grass and thick vegetation is the perfect spot for vermin (rats or mice) to set up home and breed. Vermin can cause significant damage to property as well as creating a health hazard. Don’t let your home become theirs. Be a lawn legend!


  • Take pride in the appearance of your home and land.
  • Mow your lawns on a regular basis including the nature strip at the front of your property.
  • Put your rubbish out regularly, take advantage of our kerbside collection service
  • Request a green bin so you can regularly dispose of your green waste.
  • Cut or slash overgrown vegetation (dead or alive) and dispose of it responsibly, your green bin or home compost is perfect for this.


If we receive a report that your property is overgrown or could be a potential fire hazard, we will investigate. If we identify that your property is a potential fire risk we will issue you with a compliance notice. A compliance notice is a legal document that instructs you to mow your property or reduce any accumulations.

The intent of the compliance notice is that you remove the identified risk within a set timeframe. If you do not comply with the compliance notice, we can take further action to remove the risk. This can include arranging for contractors to complete the works at your cost. Any contractor costs will be recovered from the owner of the land or premises.

What you can do

If you have any concerns about a property that looks overgrown (grass over 450 millimetres in height), or you feel could be a fire hazard or harbour vermin, please report it.

Report overgrown grass

You can report overgrown grass:


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