Shopping trolleys

Shopping trolleys left unattended or abandoned on our roads, footpaths, parks or waterways can cause property damage and harm to residents.

Retailers are responsible for ensuring trolleys are not taken from shopping centres into public places.

Our local laws require retailers to display their name and address on the shopping trolleys available for use by customers. This helps identify the shopping trolley owners if they are impounded by Council.

If a retailer has more than 25 shopping trolleys available to use, they must have a containment system. A containment system may be:

  • a coin or token operated system where customers can get the coin or token back when they return the trolley, or
  • a perimeter system where a wheel locks if the shopping trolley is taken outside the boundary of the shopping centre.

Retailers with 25 shopping trolleys or less, or those who provide trolleys to transport goods like timber, hardware, landscape materials or furniture are exempt from needing a containment system.

It is an offence under Local Law No. 10 (Public Health) 1999 for a person to leave a shopping trolley unattended or abandoned in a public place.