Illegal dumping

What is illegal dumping?

lllegal dumping is the disposal of waste on public or private land without approval. Illegal dumping pollutes land, soil and air, can cause fire hazards and looks bad. Illegal dumping can also cause injury or harm to members of the community and wildlife.

Car parts scattered on ground

Worn out tyre sits amongst other dumped rubbish

Not sure how to dispose of your waste correctly? See our A-Z waste disposal guide:
A to Z of waste disposal – Logan City Council

Reducing illegal dumping

Each year we receive over 1,200 reports of illegal dumping.

Our Illegal Dumping Strategy and Litter Enforcement Strategy 2022 – 2025 (PDF 1.45 MB) outlines how we will address illegal dumping in our community.

The Illegal Dumping Taskforce

Our dedicated Illegal Dumping Taskforce patrol the city daily to enforce and deter against illegal dumping activity.

Offenders can be fined or prosecuted for illegal dumping, however catching them can often be difficult. If we cannot identify them, we must remove and dispose of dumped goods at a cost to the ratepayer.

Community help is essential to catching and deterring illegal dumping.

What is scavenging?

Scavenging is when people rummage through recycling bins, skips or kerbside waste. Scavengers steal thousands of dollars in recyclables each year. This makes Council based recycling programs less cost efficient and impacts the ratepayer.

To prevent scavengers from taking your recyclables:

  • only place your recycling bin out the night before collection
  • place unwanted household items out the day before your Kerbside clean-up date.

Report illegal dumping

We encourage residents to report illegal dumping activity.

If the person is in the act, please help us by taking down the following information (if possible):

  • date, time and location of incident
  • description of vehicle and licence plate number
  • description of person(s) dumping
  • what items / materials were being dumped and your name and phone number (optional).

How to dispose of unwated items video transcript

You can report illegal dumping by calling us on (07) 3412 3412. After hours calls will be redirected to our emergency response team.

With adequate information we can and will pursue prosecution.