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Making a claim for compensation

This page is designed to help you understand the process for submitting a claim for compensation if you think Logan City Council is responsible for causing loss and damage to your property (like your car) or for personal injury.

As we are custodians of public funds, our decisions must be made with the broader interests of the community in mind. We will only make offers of compensation where a claim has met the required level of liability on the part of Council.

If you are seeking compensation for loss and damage to your property or personal injury, you will need to prove that:

  1. Council was in some way negligent, and
  2. its negligence caused the loss and damage to your property or personal injury which you are claiming compensation for.

The Civil Liability Act 2003 (Qld) contains various defences which:

  1. recognises that local authorities, such as Logan City Council, need to manage competing priorities within various constraints, including limited budgetary and other resources available to it, and
  2. provides that a local authority such as Council will not ordinarily be held liable for damage caused by the condition of a public road of which it was unaware of or was beyond its control. 

Whether or not Council is liable for a claim will be assessed based on all evidence available and considering the competing priorities we must manage with the resources available.

When we receive a claim for compensation, the decision is made with the interests of the broader community in mind. Decisions are based on:

  • an assessment of the information provided
  • a review of records, and
  • the provisions and defences available to us under the Civil Liability Act.

Council’s response

The online claim form is currently not available. Please call 07 3412 3412 or email us at for more information.