Pets and animals

City of Logan’s Animal Management Plan 2023

Our new Animal Management Plan 2023 (PDF 2 MB) (the Plan) was endorsed on 23 March 2023. The Plan lays out our vision for improved city safety and liveability on keeping animals in the City of Logan. 

The Plan acts as a roadmap, to shape the future focus of it’s animal-related regulatory services by safeguarding delivery of an extensive list of actions with defined initiatives to tackle animal-related issues long term. A key factor of this focuses on shifting public behaviour around responsible pet ownership in a long term and sustainable way.

The Plan shows our ongoing commitment to city safety and liveability by addressing anti-social animal behaviour and irresponsible animal keeping.

Donations for our animals

Do you have old blankets, sheets and towels you need to get rid of? Before throwing them in the bin, did you know they could be re-used to serve a better purpose! 

Our furry friends at the Animal Management Centre would love to give them a new home.

Your old linen can be used as bedding to help animals feel safe and cosy this winter while they wait to find their forever home.

 You can drop your donations off at the: 

  • Animal Management Centre (213 Queens Road, Kingston in the afterhours pens or near the counter) 
  • City Administration Centre (150 Wembley Road, Logan Central near the customer service desk during business hours) 

 Please no doonas or pillows as they can create choking hazards for our animals.