Council owned land

Our Corporate property program manages Council’s land and property matters, including:

  • agistment of Council property
  • residential rental property leasing
  • commercial leasing
  • telecommunication leasing
  • acquisition of land or easements
  • disposal of land.

The program aims to achieve the best value for Council while making sure the public interest is at the forefront.

Agistment of Council property

We offer parcels of Council-owned land for agistment. This allows members of the local community to use these parcels of land to graze their livestock, such as cattle and horses. Grazing helps keep the properties free of noxious weeds and long grass.

For more information call one of our Assistant Property Officers on 07 3412 4027 or email

Residential rental property leasing

We obtain residential properties and turn them into parks or use them for community or strategic purposes. We offer these properties for rent until the area is ready for future development.

Vacant properties are managed by an external vendor on behalf of Council.

Our residential rental properties are managed in line with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (2008).

Commercial leasing

We manage the leasing of commercial sites for our staff to work in.

Telecommunication leasing

Some Council land is occupied by telecommunications carriers and radio service operators. We establish a lease or licence agreement which allows telecommunications carriers to use the land to provide the public with network coverage for broadcasting and communication services.

Acquiring land and easements

To meet the needs of our rapidly growing city, we acquire land and easements for various purposes including parks, community venues and infrastructure. This helps us to meet our local government functions and responsibilities.

As infrastructure requirements increase, we need to acquire easements (rights over private property) for access, construction and ongoing maintenance. We use easements to provide infrastructure (such as water supply) to private properties.

Our Corporate property team consults with residents and acts on behalf of Council when we need to acquire land or easements. The team establishes formal written agreements relating to the acquisition or easement.

Disposal of land

Sometimes Council branches may identify property that is no longer needed for Council purposes. If we decide that other areas of Council cannot use the property it is declared surplus to our needs. We dispose of surplus property by public auction or tender in accordance with sections 227 and 236 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.